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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Touch Of Black & Sparkle To The Dining Room


I have a story about a chandelier. It is a simple chandelier, really nothing fancy at all, but it has just a touch of elegance with a little shimmer, and that is what makes it perfect.

In our last home I had two beautiful vintage crystal chandeliers, one in my living room and a smaller one in my kitchen. 

My dinette is right across from my kitchen so I needed something for the dinette.

One day while at Lowes I saw this chandelier on the bottoms shelf on clearance ($29.99), there was only one left. 

It was black, so that was a plus, and it had just a little bit of crystal glimmer. The black was perfect for my house, and the crystal droplets were a nice tie in to go with the vintage crystal chandelier in the kitchen.

We put it together, and actually rearranged some of the glass parts, and even eliminated a few until it felt right for our home.

As the story continues we sold our home, and I had to have my chandelier come with us. 

We purchased an inexpensive chandelier that actually cost more than the clearance fixture, but still an inexpensive replacement.

 (replacement chandelier for selling our home)

I knew from the beginning that I would replace the brushed nickel fixture in our new home. 

This part of the house needed something black. This past week I had my sweet hubby hang the chandelier from our previous home and as I thought it looked perfect, or at least in my eyes. 

I will be adding my white slip covers to the chairs and the fresh roses will go into a clear vase to mimic the sparkle in the glass components of the chandelier.

Having a blue and white ginger jar on the low boy, and the blue and white vase is just one step too much for me, so I think the clear vase will be more pleasing to my eye. New white lampshades on the black floor lamps and I think we will be on our way!

As always.......