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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Apparently I Am In A Blue Mood!!!


You know how they talk about artist having certain color periods? Well apparently I seem to have certain color periods when I shop.

For instance, the other day I took a trip to Homegoods looking for two white drum shades. 

Of course they didn't have any, but that did not stop me from shopping a bit more and then going next door to TJ Maxx as well. 

After I was all done shopping I looked at what I had purchased and it was almost all varying shades of blues.

On the left you will see a blue striped throw for our office dens ottoman. 

Next to the throw is a very tall artisan pitcher that I thought would look great next to the wooden lamp on my mirrored table.

Then I found a Fossil leather crossbody bag in just the right colors, black, white and blue. I was the most excited about this purchase since I have been looking for a new everyday bag for awhile.

The patterned piece is a fun knit skirt in a bohemian navy, denim blue and white print by Max Studios. This skirt has POCKETS!!! Yes I am that girl that gets overly excited about pockets in her dresses and skirts.

At the very bottom is a cork and gold clutch that will go great with my new sandals and I had to get a smaller wallet to fit in the new smaller bag.

Here is the new pitcher in its spot!.....

 The last two months I seem to have made several blue choices........

Look how well all my purchases go with my new summer slides!

I am definitely in my blue period as far as home decor and wardrobe goes!!

It will be interesting to see if I continue in the blue period!!!