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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Have Something To Admit!

My name is Kathysue, and I am a sheet snob!
I am always on the hunt for the perfect sheet. Sure there are perfect sheets out there, but what is perfect for one is not perfect for another.

If you have done any shopping for good sheets lately you know the cost has gotten out of hand so even if they feel perfect the price puts them out of reach.

What is a girl to do? She keeps looking for the perfect sheets at affordable prices. 

Well, as luck would have it I was contacted by a sheet company to do a review on their sheets. 

The timing could not have been more perfect since we moved I could only find my one set of what I thought was perfect sheets, and the other not-so perfect sheets were somewhere in a box. 

As I said before what is perfect to one person is not necessarily perfect to another person, but this new-to-me sheet company’s name says it all………
Perfect Linens logo
What is so unique about this company is the way they put their sheets into categories according to how they will feel.

This was right up my alley because it is all about how smooth, soft, and light they feel when it comes to the perfect sheet for me. 

However you might have different requirements to what you want your sheet to feel like.

I was amazed at the degree of research they go to in order to give us the very best quality, and feeling sheet at a decent price. 

I actually read a lot of the information on their website before I agreed to do a review. 

You all know I don’t advertise anything on my blog that I would not use, or love, so I wanted to make sure this is something I could recommend to my readers.

They make the selection process easy for us by putting their sheets into categories on how they feel. I love that, because after all it is all about how they feel next to our skin, isn’t it?

Did you know that most sheet companies put a finish on their sheets before they are packaged so they will feel smooth to the touch in the store and then when you wash them and the finish is gone, they are no longer smooth or soft?

Who knew, now it makes perfect sense why I have purchased so many sheets, and have been disappointed in them after I washed them. There is none of that with Perfect Linens.

Here are the different categories of the sheets, COOL, LIGHT, SUBTLE….


Light sheets are the result of fiber type and fabric construction. Light sheets are for those who often feel constricted by bedding.

Bare naked perfect linens.
BARE NAKED SHEET : Light weight, cool, and crisp, perfect for a good summer nights sleep.


perfect linens easy breezy
EASY BREEZY: These sheets will give you a cool nights sleep, percale is airy, not clinging or stuffy or clammy.

2-zero-gravity-v2_1024x1024 perfect linens
ZERO GRAVITY: These are the lightest weight sheets. Ingenious fabric is so light you will not feel weight against your skin. Doctors actually order these sheets for people with overly sensitive skin. 

Next time I need a new set of sheets I am going to order one of these three, the decision will be hard because they all sound so perfect to me.

It doesn’t stop there, they have more to select from, but they keep the choices simple, and to the point, all according to how they feel, and their weight on your skin. I love this concept!


eternally drapeful perfect linens2
ETERNALLY DRAPEFUL: These sheets will follow your every move. Fabric seems to have a sense of its own of where to adjust and where to hang loose.

second skin perfect linens
SECOND SKIN SHEETS:  Soft, subtle, smooth are the words I would use to describe these sheets. 

I have to say it is all that it claims to be. They were immediately soft to the touch, and so smooth, no roughness whatsoever.

They are described to be smooth like a microfiber, but with the beauty of a 100% cotton sheet.

I don’t know if it is my imagination or not, but I have slept on these sheets for the past three nights, and they seem to get softer to the touch each time I sleep on them.

You know how soft a worn out sheet can feel right before your toe rips through the bottom because you have just worn them out, they are that kind of softness, but with some substance because they are NOT worn out.

I am so glad they asked me to review these sheets, my husband, and I both love them, and I highly recommend dealing with this company if you are on the hunt for YOUR PERFECT SHEET.

PERFECT LINENS  is offering my readers a generous $50 off of your purchase by using this code:
Click  below to start shopping:

Let me know if you purchase them and how you like them! I know you will be thanking me later! Winking smile

 A Note From The Founder of Perfect Linens:

Thomas founder of perfect linens”:

So I started Perfectlinens.com. Our mission on behalf of customers is to identify sheets that deliver truly exceptional comfort. 

We achieve this through extensive fabric analysis and scientific testing: our Fabric Evaluation and Engineering Lab (FEELab) analyzes sheets down to the microscopic fiber level! 

I think customers need help to make better decisions than they can with misleading threadcounts and other “fluffy" marketing.

Perfectlinens.com tells customers how these superior sheets will feel to the touch after multiple washings. This is important because feeling sheets in a store is unreliable as finishes applied to make sheets feel good when new disappear after a few washes.