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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring On My Mind

Spring is in the air and it definitely is on my mind. I have thoughts of  my Spring wardrobe and my Easter table swirling around in my head.

It is actually fun having these swirling thoughts because they include a wonderful array of Spring colors and elements.

Since I am an analytical thinker and as one of my clients who happens to be a Dr. of Psychology for UCLA said, “ I know I mentioned this in a previous message, and apologies in advance for repeating myself, but seriously, you have an incredible gift for PROCEDURAL THINKING.”

Wow!!! Really?!!! I just thought I was a little obsessive with details and putting things in the right order, now I actually have a name for the way I think!! Procedural thinking, who would have thought? Apparently I would!!

Since I have to categorize first I thought I would start with Easter since it will be here before we know it.

calendar (180x180) 

When planning a table for a special occasion I usually start with an inspiration piece and/or I make a list of elements that I would like to use based on my inspiration.

Now stay with me on my thinking journey!! Here we go……

I went to an antique show in February in Hillsborough and I saw the most amazing display of antique chocolate molds. I had seen these molds before but never in such an abundant array of sizes and shapes all in one spot.

Play room and Hillsboroug 006 (800x600)

I quickly found out that I would not be able to purchase one large enough for my Easter table but it started the thinking process. I really liked the patina of the dull metal. So I went from here…….

Play room and Hillsboroug 004 (600x800)

To Here……….
5 (300x400)
Galvanized French Flower buckets!!  I just happen to have two in my garage, imagine that!!

So French galvanized containers it will be. Now I must think of colors that I would like to use. Since I have green and white striped wallpaper in my dining room……..

dining (478x640)

My colors will be green, white and silver metal. With such a neutral base there are so many directions  in colors that I can go. I just love Springtime colors, they make me smile just to think about them!!!

13 (720x540) 

Who knows maybe I will choose something a little more un-conventional?!!

Stay tuned for my next step in the thinking department where I will list elements and colors that are attractive to me in this design process.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Coming along with me on my journey of designing my Easter Table!!
(Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail ♪♫♪, Hop’in down the hmmm,hmmm♪♫♪♫ trail!)