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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Houston We Have A Problem!!

It all began when I said let me sit on it before we cover the seat cushion. I felt two springs one on each cheek and I don’t mean my face!! Hubby and I looked at each other in disbelief, disgust and discouragement. He was ready to give-up,but I became determined.
my projects 001 (800x750)
Here is the back with the trim just pinned on. I am really liking the way it is eventually going to look.
He got the idea to take out all the springs so we did. He wanted to replace them with two outdoor cushions that we were no longer using. After much discussion, it actually worked. We wrapped them in polyfil and began the covering process. By this time, I felt wiped out mentally and it just was not working for me. Still determined not to give up, I did what any girl with Scarlett's personality, I took a nap!!
my projects 002 (789x800)
The dreaded bottom seat cushion, before the “I’ll think about it tomorrow”,nap. ( this was said in my most syrupy Southern Belle accent, of course)
After the nap I woke up more determined. I went right back in and started working on the front corner which had become my nemesis. I remember it was just folded like a hospital corner so that was what I was trying to do, but the  fold was not perfect enough for me. I finally got it right and stapled away. When Hubby heard me working he came in to help. The chair is covered,and now it has to have some touch -up painting and then the trim can be glued on.
rocker with trim pinned on 003 (800x600) (320x497)
Chair without trim or touch-up!
rocker with trim pinned on 004 (800x600)
Rocker with trim pinned on. OH! NO!! I don’t like the trim. Yes, you heard right!! I don’t like the trim. I loved it when it was on just a portion of the chair but when it is on the whole thing I think it says too much. I know you hear me say that phrase a lot. When I say, “It say’s too much,” I am saying that it stands out too much. It becomes the focal point and for a less is more girl that is one step too far. The other thing about the trim is the way the light hits it, it shows to much shine for my taste. I told you I am a detail girl! I have to go and find the perfect, simple trim. I will have to order it so this might take a little longer than planned. Let’s face it the whole chair has taken a LOT! longer than planned. So, when I say Houston we have a problem, you now know what I mean.
I tell you, right now I definitely have a love -hate relationship with the chair, but it really does look nice. It is not quite perfect enough for me but it will be just fine. I am DONE!! I have learned my lesson: Let the professionals do what they know to do and my job is to tell them what I want it to look like.
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Trying reallllly hard to make an older piece look new and fresh.