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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet Tea

I recently had the pleasure of staying at a wonderful beach house in North Carolina. While I was in North Carolina I was introduced to Sweet Tea! I have had iced tea before but none like the sweet tea in North Carolina. It was smooth mellow, thirst quenching, icy and oh so sweet!
I am a California born and raised gal so we did not grow up with Sweet Tea. I had to find out how to make this wonderful brew.
Southern Style Sweet Tea

  • 3 Large Tea Bags

  • Simple Syrup
Simple Syrup Ingredients

  • 1 cup of water

  • 1 cup of sugar

  • vessel to store it in- a nice glass jar works best
I found it to be simple. It was not the recipe but the tea that was used.
Sorry Liptons!! I am a convert and I am now only going to use Luzianne tea. I was told this is the best tea ever, and boy were they right.

I might have to have it shipped to me but it will be worth it to have the Southern drink of Sweet Tea!

I thought it would be fun to explore some iced tea pitchers now that I know how to make a proper pitcher of Sweet Tea! Here are a few that I have found:
Fridgeadaire 1930s depression glass
This is a Frigidaire pitcher in depression glass, you can find these on eBay or at Etsy. Love the color!!
Crate and Barrels Ona pitcher looks so pretty with tea in it.
Crate and Barrel Rustic white pitcher
Crate and Barrel Zazz barware pitcher. It looks so frosty, love that!!
Le Crueset
Le Creuset pitcher in lime. I have this one and it is timeless.
Fun pitcher with its own tea strainer in the top from Rare Device.
fiesta ware
Fiesta ware pitchers, reproductions are sold at Macy’s stores.
I am sure you Southern gals probably think I am funny, but truly I have never had a glass of ice tea this good before. I would love to hear if y’all (that was said with my newly acquired Southern accent) have any other old family secrets or advice on Sweet Tea?!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Making a refreshing, icy cold pitcher of Southern Sweet Tea!