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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why I Write About My Thinking Process!!

I would imagine some of you might think I over think my design work from reading the post that take you through my thinking process.

The reason I do posts like these is that you, my readers, can possibly think of your own process in a new way.

Throughout my years of being a design consultant for over thirty years I became somewhat of a teacher to my clients.

I was always gratified the most when I could teach them a new way to look at their own home more objectively. I wanted to leave them with the tools that they could use in making future decisions for their home.

I knew that I would not always be there when they are shopping for their home, and I wanted them to use the tools I had given them to help them through the process.

Throughout the  years I have had many clients and several of them I call, “Friend!” One friend/client in particular always fascinated me with her questions and her confidence in me.

She would always ask me, “ How do you do that?” She was referring to  how I would know where to put items in a vignette or how I knew to purchase a certain item for her home. Often times I would say, “I don’t know, I just seem to know!”
This particular client is a professor of psychology at a major University. It is her job to understand how people think. She brought to my attention how others might need to know the process of how I think and why.

This is the reason I write about my process at such length……….

By making your thinking visible (that is, by explaining how you go about the design process) you provide scaffolding and appropriate support that allows others to think about  similar work.
Your comment about there being no right or wrong in the design world then allows people at all levels of expertise to buy-in to the process, and begin thinking about how they will approach their own project.  
Not sure you realize what an incredible gift that is, but in the world of cognition, teaching and learning, what you do, and how you think is EXEMPLARY!

Needless to say I was blown away by her wonderful comment to me on a blog post I had written. That being said, it also made me realize I need to keep doing post on my thinking process.

I know not all of my readers will enjoy these types of post, but for those of you that do, I truly hope I am giving you some food for thought that will help you in making decisions for the process of making your house a home. 

Sometimes I wonder if I am hitting a cord with my readers.  The only way I can tell is by the comments that are left. I so enjoy reading each and everyone of them, and I want to thank you for taking the time to leave a little piece of yourself with me!!! Without all of YOU this blog would not even be worth doing. 

I hope you will continue to allow me to do what I love doing………

Enjoying the Process of:
Helping you make your house a home!!


PS...... Thank you to those of you who are leaving a comment on this post, it will be really helpful in letting me know if I am on the right track. XO KS
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Thank you so much, KS