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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now I lay me down to sleep……

I have shown you my master bath here. I have told you about my little tricky way of hiding my pillows here. Now I am going to show you where I lay my head at night.

In choosing the colors for my Master bedroom I used the ocean as inspiration.

I love the ocean and if I had the financial means to live by the ocean I would be there in a second. I do feel very fortunate to be able to visit Carmel by the Sea quite often.

 I had a hard time finding a blue that was soft enough without being too clear of a color, therefore making it look like a baby boy’s room. I wanted a blue with a hint of green but I did not want it to be a turqouise room.  I couldn’t find one so I worked with my tinter to  make up my very own special color.

 We finally got the perfect blue for my taste.

master bed and bath 015

I also wanted the color of sand so I chose a creamy bedroom set. Yes, I said set!!

 I know I don’t usually go for a set but this was too perfect not to keep together.

 I used a Hotel bedding duvet cover that had a soft sand colored framing embroidered on it. I already had the duvet for about 10yrs or so.( I keep my bedding pretty basic so it last a long time) I fold it at the foot of my bed as you can see in the pictures so it does not get very much wear and tear.

The bench at the foot of the bed was a real find for me. I wanted a blanket chest for storage and I wanted it to be a small check in cream and sand.

 I was at Homegoods and I heard angels sing I saw a soft glow and there it was! The perfect bench for $199. Can you believe it . Okay there were no angels singing or a glow but it was really cool to find it there!!

Master Bed and Bath 2 001 (800x600)

On my side of the bed I have a small night stand that has a drawer for storage and a shelf for books.

The urn shaped lamps are vintage 1940s that I bought years ago and kept for this very room. The vase is also vintage and goes  perfectly. I also have glass balls with bubbles that remind me of water.

 The mirror is made to look like capiz shells. I found the mirrors at none other than Homegoods. I love that store!

Master Bed and Bath 2 002

On my hubby’s side is a bachelor's chest. It has great storage for some of his clothes and some of mine too.

 You will notice the symetry of the matching lamps and mirrors. I chose to put a pop of lime in here for a Spring look.

Master Bed and Bath 2 010 (785x800)
This is my armoire. It has amazing storage capacity. Behind the mirrored door is where I stack all my white towels and sheets.
On top of the armoire I have 3 blue/green glass bottles that I purchased at Big Lots for $9.99 each and three seashells. One is from Hawaii and the other two are faux. What a nice word for fake.

master bed and bath 032Oh I just noticed you can also enjoy viewing my carbon monoxide alarm on the back right. Talk about keeping it real
So, this is where I lay me down to sleep every single night.

 I am so excited I recently found some new shams and a duvet cover I will share in another post. I love a little suspense!!
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