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Wednesday, April 9, 2014



When I left you last we had a delay in the kitchen project due to streaking and hazing in the honing.

We had a professional marble finisher come out and look at our slabs and he said he can re-hone it for us and eliminate the problem. Whew!!

To say I was relieved is an understatement. This was my biggest concern ever since they were installed. Luckily it is all fixable, but not without yet another delay.

They will be re-honed and sealed on the 25th. We are still unable to use our kitchen since there is no sealer on the marble, but I am enjoying looking at it!! I know that sounds funny, but I really do love looking at it.

Since this project has taken three times longer than we anticipated I am going to show you pictures of what we have so far.

Yesterday I put my everyday dishes back in the upper cabinets……

Kitchen update 016 (592x800)
I am keeping it simple in order to not detract from the new counters and back splash.

Kitchen update 001 (800x711)
I am pretty amazed at how much larger the kitchen looks to me.

Kitchen update 003 (800x600)
I am enjoying how fresh and clean it all looks.

Kitchen update 010 (800x652)
The kitchen actually sparkles with the new finishes.

Kitchen update 009 (800x592)
I am really looking forward to standing at my kitchen sink and doing dishes again. There is something just wrong on so many levels about doing dishes in the bathroom!

Kitchen update 006 (800x600)
I think I am going to find it difficult to address this corner.

I am enjoying the clean look of nothing on my counters. Putting anything on them is going to be difficult  for me.

I do have something in mind to put in the corner. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Hopefully the next time you get a kitchen update you will be reading about me cooking and doing dishes in my new kitchen!!

Contractor To Do List:

Cleaning and sealing of marble

Doors under sink remade, painted, and finish work to be done.

Repair to cabinets for touch up painting

Wall board repair at end of bar.

Honey-Do List:

Under mount lighting

Lighting inside glass door cabinets

Drawer pull outs installed in bottom cabinets.

Touch up painting.

My List:

Try to be patient

Put all dishes back in cupboards