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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What is Frigescaping? Keep reading and you will totally understand that it is something you need in your life. Trust me on this!!

I like my refrigerator to be neat and clean and even pretty inside!!

I know that sounds sort of funny, but when I open the doors and see pretty containers with colorful food in them, it makes me smile.

I think we decorator types have to have pretty surrounding us in all areas, even the refrigerator!!

With that in mind I am going to share with you my post that I did on,
“Fridgescaping” ( a catchy little word I made up)

What you are about to see is what I love for my Fridge to look like.
Disclaimer….. It does not always look like this, but it does start out like this after it is cleaned and I have just been grocery shopping.

You know the other people that live in our houses? They don’t seem to have the same design aesthetics that I do!!

Last Year’s Fridgescaping Post!!

We have all heard of tablescaping. In fact Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch actually hosts a day called Tablescape Thursdays .

Have you ever thought of other areas in your home that you could do a little scaping?( is that a word?)

  I have admitted I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I have learned to say,"Okay” is good enough.

I can actually walk away from something that was maybe a little less perfect than I wanted it to be.

I want you to realize that when I  clean or reorganize something,  I will try very hard to cover all the little last details.

I am telling you all of this because when I thoroughly cleaned out my refrigerator I did a little "Fridgescaping." Only if it could stay like this.....

As you can see I like lots of fruit and drinks!! I also like to keep them in pretty bowls and containers.

You know my kitchen cupboards are green. Notice all the different green bowls? 

Why not put your everyday food items in pretty containers and have something pretty to look at when you open the door?! You know something to make you smile.
That is a technical design test. Does it put a smile on your face?

You know I sign off all of my post with,"Enjoy the Process".  I think you can do that even with the mundane, such as cleaning the refrigerator.

I looked on-line for some fun containers for the refrigerator. These are sold as such but you could come up with all kinds of fun things, even shopping your own home.

If you love a bowl, put it in the refrigerator with eggs in it.
How about that pitcher you love? Add your carton of orange juice.

 You just might be surprised at what you come up with once you get going on this.

Here are a few of the lovelies I found for your "Fridgescaping Process."

These are just cheerful (note to self-these go with my kitchen). I found these at Sur La Table. So much more appealing than a paper carton of any juice or even milk.

If you prefer plain white you can find these at Crate and Barrel. They are also less expensive, I guess you pay more for the color green.

If you like a sleeker, more contemporary look these stainless containers would look great all stacked up in your refrigerator.

If you like to see what is inside these glass containers from The Container Store are just the right answer for you. Take a look at the other fun glass containers while you visit them on line.

For you that are fun loving spirits how about these cheerful dot patterned containers or the stripes if you love lots of color.

How would you like to open your refrigerator and see this lovely little maiden looking at you? This holds butter from Anthropologie I am seriously thinking about her.

I have been known to buy eggs just for their color and put them in a pretty bowl in the refrigerator.

A very dear friend of mine took me to Berkeley Calif. to a store called the Berkeley Bowl where they have everything organic known to man.
Well they had a dairy section with cartons of eggs that I opened up looking for the perfect soft blue/green eggs, until I found the perfect colors.(be still my heart.)
Now that you have been introduced to the new artistic endeavor of Fridgescaping, what do you think?

Next time you clean out your refrigerator, will you think outside the box and add some pretty bowls and containers in the mix? Try it I think you will like it!!

Leave a comment to tell me what little pretties you put in your refrigerator to hold everyday foods? I love new inspiration and so do my other readers!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:



To Help With Your Fridgescaping:

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