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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It is that time of year where we are all wanting to clean out some of the debris in our homes.  You saw my frigescaping so I thought I would show you my Pantry Re-Do. I get into my pantry quite often throughout the day.  It has been a less than pleasant experience for quite awhile. I decided it was time to do a little scaping in the pantry so this is what my hubby I did last year.

 You can see from the first picture it was part of a romantic (OK romance is different for everyone) weekend. I started by emptying the pantry out and decided to paint it in a color I would enjoy looking at every day.  I proceeded to go out in the garage with mixing bowl and measuring cups ( my official paint mixing tools). I mixed some paint that was left over from some other projects until I got the palest, most pleasant blue I could get. I started the painting, which I normally am not allowed to do. I seem to have a problem with spilling paint and stepping in the paint tray. My sweet hubby took over and finished it in no time.

I was doing this on  a budget so I had gone to GW's and other thrift stores to buy containers for my new look. I bought some containers at Lowe's that are actually for the closet by Febreze to put snacks for the kiddo's and to corral larger items. I bought some great shelf paper in a linen and white check, a clean, fresh look. I also got some iron-on laminate tape to finish off the edges of the shelves. Here are the results..........

On my someday list is to have pretty baskets and all the containers matching but for now I am quite happy.

With it organized and all the proper containers it has been much easier to keep it this way for the last year. What they say about compartmentalizing is true when it comes to organizing.

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Organization


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