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Friday, January 8, 2010


For you ladies that do not need a certain color of towel or a certain color of monogram thread Neiman Marcus has another way to purchase some gorgeous towels by Sferra, they only come in white with cream embroidery or cream with white embroidery, I have also ordered these and they are wonderful.Sferra makes lovely linens and these are beautiful towels as well. You will get four towels for this one price,amazing. It looks like a great day to buy towels!
Enjoy the Process of buying"Towels"


I interrupt this day with a "Sale Alert", Neiman Marcus is having their Pink Sale and every few years I take advantage of the sale and replenish my towel supply. I am a white towel kind of girl, always have been and always will be, What is so wonderful about this sale is you can get them monogrammed, I have priced having individual towels monogrammed and my monogrammer charges $6 just for the monogram. I love the quality of these towels and they  hold up beautifully.  I am asked all the time how do I keep my towels so white, I have found that my liquid detergent and Oxy together works really well and they stay bright and fresh. Hope you can take advantage of this "Sale Alert" with the addition of Free Shipping it is a hard one to pass up.
Enjoy The Process of finding a Bargain
In the future I hope to be offering more Sale Alerts so stay tuned.

Its Friday and I Feel Foot-loose and Fancy Free!!

I know most of us have heard the term,"Foot-loose and Fancy Free",well according to the the oxford dictionary this phrase means: Free from emotional involvement or commitment to anyone. On Fridays that is how I feel. It is the day before the weekend starts when there will be activities with family and friends ,a day I can do as little or as much as I want (I call this Puttzing), no commitment but to myself (trust me I know this is a luxury).Since today is a Foot-loose Fancy Free kind of day,I thought it would be fun to look at some Fancy things. I can not use the word Fancy without thinking of a wonderful character in a childrens book,"Fancy Nancy" by author Jane O'Connor. If you have any little girls in your life this is a must read. To be perfectly honest I would read these books even if there wasn't a little girl in my life."Fancy Nancy" tries to make everything in her life, Fancy. Granted it is way over the top but none the less Fancy.

You can see that Nancy really likes FANCY!!!

I like touches of Fancy but nothing as elaborate as Nancy so I thought I would do some virtual shopping for some Fancy things. I have two rules: It has to be very economical cheap and On Sale Are you ready to go shopping? Here we gooooooo!

I know Christmas is over but this is on SALE and I think it would make a great touch of Fancy for any party

Wouldn't you love to wrap up in one of these wonderful throws?
I think anything monogrammed  pumps up the Fancy factor and these are a great deal at West Elm
I have an obsession for anything monogrammed ,more on that later

Now I know this bowl has simple lines, but that is what I love about it and don't you think the silver band makes it look fancy? This set comes in a set of  six bowls. These would be great for entertaining or how about your morning cereal, even oatmeal would taste fancy in one of these bowls and the price is great, I told you it has to be economical or on sale on this shopping trip.

If I am having my oatmeal in a silver rimmed bowl I want my milk in these lovely simply elegant glasses from William Sonoma Home, wait until you see the discount on these little lovelies.

How about this mini chandelier from Zgallerie with led lights to sit on your table instead of candles.Now I know my oatmeal and milk will taste realllllly fancy with this on my table

I told you I was going to shop economically, do you think any of these items could add some FANCY to your day? I know I had fun looking around for all these cheap economical little pretties. So try to look around your home and in your life and Enjoy The Process of being, Foot-loose and Fancy Free by adding some FANCY in your life