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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can You Find Your Inner Child?

It is officially two weeks until Christmas!! I can hardly believe it! I am so excited!! 
I might be a Grammy, but when it is this time of year I am that little girl inside who loves the lights, music and the anticipation of Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to visit!!

I know many of us feel the crunch right about now, and definitely will be  feeling it next weekend.

I have learned one thing over the years,”The Important Things Always Get Done!” 

I think this time of year it is so difficult to juggle it all. Work, family, housework, gift buying, decorating, baking!! The list could go on and on!!!

I will admit I am at a point in my life where I have the luxury of more time, and trust me it is a good thing since it seems that everything takes four times longer to do than it use too!!!

Having time feels like a luxury in most of our lives and yet we all have the same 24 hours in a day that our ancestors had.

I think where things go awry is more about  how we spend our time, or how we balance our time.
I know it is hard if not impossible to do it all. Trust me YOU CAN’T do it all, but you can do the important things.

So this time of year, really get in tuned with your priorities. Take a 30 minute break to re-group and prioritize what is truly important.

I think you might be surprised when you realize it is not the important people, or things that are making you feel off balance, but it is all of the other, “STUFF!”  that you are trying to fit in.

To be honest you really won’t even remember the unimportant things next year or even the next.

However you will always remember the sweet moments, and time you spent with your loved ones.

So my wish for all of you this year is to keep in mind who, and what your priorities are, and place them in proper order.

It will be different for each individual, but dig deep in your heart, and you will find the right, “To Do List!”

It was in your inner child’s heart the whole time just waiting for you to find it !♥

Merry Christmas To YOU and YOUR’S!


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