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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blasters and Sleepers!!

On Monday I did a post about the color MINT which I have seen creeping into our view through blogs and magazines. It made me stop and think about how some trends come out with a blast and others just slip their ways into our hearts and homes.

Have you ever thought about how long it takes the general public to warm up to certain color or design trends? I have a theory.  It is not a theory in which I conducted any kind of scientific analysis, or even one that I asked a group of people their opinion. It is rather  a theory that I have watched evolve over my 30 some odd years in the wonderful world of design.

I might be totally off base, so realize it is just my opinion……..

color wheel (158x175)
I know that there is a color board that decides on what colors will be popular for the upcoming year for our clothing, homes, and even our cars. In fact, I read once  that we should take note of what the new car colors are and those are the colors we  will start to see emerge in clothing and interior design elements.

(By the way, be on the look out for this color combination in the upcoming year, just my opinion.)

I think  some new colors, or designs are immediately taken in by the masses, and some are sleepers that work their way into our lives.

gray (466x582)

Sometimes it will take us about two seasons for us to notice these colors in the market place, by the third season we start bringing it into our lives. By the fourth and fifth year we are totally invested, and the colors are no longer in vogue, and we can not find anything to go with what we have. Sad but true, the design world has moved on without us on board.

home,interior,living,family,rooms,blues,clean,classic,living,room-ad5480b60d65c11235880bb41abc42d4_h (489x500)

I remember when yellow became in vogue. The reason I am using this color as an illustration is because I have loved soft maize yellow for over 40 years. I remember so many people, and clients saying how much they did not like yellow at all. Until……. and only until they saw it being used in a new way, and then EVERYBODY wanted yellow!!! Six months prior to that I could not have sold that color if my life had depended on it.

7 (540x720)

Why am I having all this dialogue about colors and trends? I am mentioning it because I want all of us to be sure of what we truly love before we jump in with both feet.

Designing a home is an emotional experience in our lives, and it is also a very costly experience in our lives. Just because a design element, or a color  is popular now, doesn’t mean it will be next year, or the next.

If you don’t really love it, you will want to get rid of it. If you truly love it, it won’t bother you that no one has a red dining room, and you do, or no one has a denim sofa and you do.

If you love it keep it and enjoy it!! Make  your new color choices in paint and accessories. Keep your main pieces in the style and the color that you have always gravitated towards. If you do that you will never feel guilty for purchasing a few new pillows, or a can of paint.

Trust me, if you jump on board with a look, or a color that you never liked before it became the color of the year, you will always regret the amount of money, and effort you put into a room that has now evolved into something you don’t even like.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Really coming to terms with what you love in colors and design elements.


BTW: I am guest posting with some other bloggers in a series  on Amanda's blog, We will be discussing our own personal favorite paint colors!! Here is the line-up of bloggers that have contributed to this post. What an honor to be in this line-up: