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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Making of My Centerpiece!

As I have mentioned before creating a table is very much like creating a room. You need a nice color scheme, variation in textures,balance and good scale in all your elements.

In my previous post, "Where to begin When Designing a Holiday table,"  I took you through the thinking process I go through when I am deciding on how I want to go forward on a holiday table.

 For the centerpiece for this year's  Easter table  I decided to use moss, baby tears and either daffodils or daisies for my flowers.

Here is the base I started with……..
Easter 2011 Prep 009 (600x800)
The next step was to decide on the flowers!
I was all set on the daffodils and then this happened quite by accident…..

Easter 2011 centerpiece 003 (800x600)
I had cut some of the daisies and placed them in a glass of water. They leaned towards the moss and I immediately knew this is the combination I needed to use!!! I love when something like that happens and I just knew it would be right.

At first I had planned on using only moss in the French flower bucket, but after this happy accident happened I knew it had to be the daisies!!

Next I put a container in the middle of the French flower bucket to hold the flowers. I made a ring of moss around the container………..

Easter 2011 centerpiece 002 (800x600) 

Next came the daisies!! I placed them in a dome shape in a tight cluster. I then added a touch of yellow in the form of pom-pom buttons…….

Easter 2011 centerpiece 025 (800x600)
Next I needed to addressed the base. My arrangement was starting to look like a little Spring garden to me. To continue the look and feel that was evolving I added a little touch of yellow to the base. I originally thought  I would  only use moss and baby tears……….

Easter 2011 centerpiece 008 (800x600)
...... But I was really happy with the addition of  the yellow button pom-poms.

Easter 2011 centerpiece 007 (600x800)

Now for the fun part I get to put it on the table runner. I also made two smaller arrangements in galvanized buckets to add to each side of the centerpiece.

Easter 2011 centerpiece 018 (600x800)

Easter 2011 centerpiece 021 (800x600)

Easter 2011 centerpiece 026 (800x600) 
Easter 2011 centerpiece 015 (800x600)
I will set the table next and show the final pictures. I must admit the making of the centerpiece is always my favorite thing to do.

I hope you all have enjoyed following along in this process with me?! I promise there will be final pictures later.

I am “Enjoying the Process” Of:

Putting together my Easter table for my wonderful family!!