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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It is NOT just Black and White to ME!!

I haven’t written a black and white post in a long time. I love the strong contrast of black and white. This combination always feels so sharp and timeless to me.

Black and white is a favorite of mine to use, even though I prefer a Spring pallet of colors. I like to add a touch of black and white in almost all of the rooms in my home.

Since I am so enamored with this wonderful combination I have quite a few images saved in my files, and on my board over at Pinterest.

This is actually an all time favorite image of mine. I would love to have an entry wide enough for a center hall table.

Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Any one that knows me, knows that I love, love black and white stripes.

The addition of the black trim on the curtains makes a perfect outline on the window treatment.

In this room the form of black is not in the fabrics, but in the window frame, lantern, and the four poster bed. An all white room can become more grounded with the addition of black.

This is a great idea!! I love the look of the black wainscoting in the all white bathroom.

I can not imagine having the luxury of a porch this size. I am sure it is on a beautiful old Southern home. The black and white striped shades really make a wonderful statement tying in with the painted checker board floor of the porch.

What struck me as stunning in this image is not just the striped flooring , but check out the applied white moldings on the door. Love the center bulls eye and the shiny nickel door knob.

I wish I were brave enough to paint an entire room black. I find this stunning, cozy and inviting. Could you paint an entire room black?

How fun!! Black buttons and a striped back truly make a striking statement on this chair. It is all trimmed out in black, and the wood has been given a coat of glossy black paint. I am a lover of either totally flat black or gloss black when it comes to finishes in black.

Simple, classic, black!

This is actually a picture of my front porch. I told you I love black and white stripes. I am really excited to show you my backyard in a few weeks. I am waiting on a delivery. When it gets here I will do a post.

Talk about being practical with black and white. This is a darling mudroom entry.

This is just gorgeous!

I don’t think my words can do this beauty justice!

My favorite kind of floor, black and white diamond or checkerboard is a favorite look of mine.

4 (478x640)This is actually a picture of my guest bathroom. The floor is Carrara marble with absolute black granite. I remember the day this floor was finished. I said, “ When I die just bury me in the tub!” I had waited over 25 years for this floor. Trust me dreams are worth waiting for! 

entry (478x640)
This is the entry floor that leads into the bathroom.
I told you! I have a thing for black and white!!

summer kitchen 014 (800x600)
Just a touch of black in my green and white kitchen makes me happy.

I love this image, because it not only has my favorite black and white combo, but it also has blue and green, two other colors that I love to mix in my home decor. Notice how they painted the ceiling blue. I did this treatment in my guest room and it is so soothing to look up at the ceiling while laying in bed!

I hope you have enjoyed my little journey through black and white land?!!

I would like to leave you with one more black and white image. This is for all of you wonderful people that come back to read what I have to write week after week. You have made this journey a fantastic trip and I thank you from the bottom of my heart……….

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Adding a little black and white to your lives!!