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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Design Choice Has Been Made!


The process of building a new home is in full swing now. 

We had our first meeting with our building manager on Tuesday. He explained how the new building process works. Boy, have things changed since 1978!!

They run this operation like a fine tuned machine. On Tuesday we got lucky, and we were there as they were pouring our foundation. 

Best part! I got to wear a hard hat!!

I was so relieved that it was blue and not orange.( I am totally serious about this) That would have totally clashed with my dress, plus orange is just NOT my color!!

Luckily I had some old tennis shoes that I keep in the trunk to wear if we just happen to go to the beach so off went my cute madras plaid flip-flops, and on went my grungy tennis shoes.

P1150252 (800x600)
Lots of very important discussions were going on here!

P1150253 (800x600)
A huge crane like  mechanism delivered the cement to the hard working cement workers.

We both were very excited about seeing all of this start to happen. So now we own some dirt, some metal rod thingys, and some cement!! We are on our way!!!!

P1150256 (800x600)
I think I need a job where I get to wear a hard hat once in awhile!! Just kidding!!

Speaking of our new home another decision process has happened. 

We picked out our flooring!

I have learned something in my life, “Once you have hardwood floors there is no turning back!”

50 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas for You Own Kitchen, http://hative.com/beautiful-kitchen-design-ideas/,
As you all saw in my previous post we chose the countertops…

This is a quartz product by Arizona tile called Lyskamm.

White cabinets, dark wood floor, white subway tile, marble counter-tops, farmhouse sink, add just a little more color and maybe turn the light fixtures in to lanterns and this would be perfect.

The cabinetry has been chosen……….

P1150190 (499x800)
A classic door style with an inset panel with bead detail.

Basically it will be an all white kitchen since I will probably use a white subway tile as my backsplash.

Since it is so much white I knew before ever going into the meeting that I liked white kitchens with a darker floor to ground the room, rather  than the color of flooring I had in my last home which was white oak, in a clear finish and 3in wide planks.

We Made Our Kitchen Cabinet Choice
In our new home I want to have a bit more of a casual relaxed look, and I think the flooring can help me achieve this goal.

I want to have a somewhat Traditional coastal feel, think of a Nantucket look, and that pretty much nails where I am headed. 

You will probably hear me refer to the look of my new home as Nantucket style, even though we are surrounded by olive trees, and grape vineyards. I am just a coastal gal at heart!

Our 1970's House Makeover Part 5: My Biggest Flooring Mistake (what I learned and how I fixed it). This is SO good!
With all of this information in my brain the flooring was the easiest of decisions, pretty much a slam dunk.

P1150180 (800x600)

We chose hickory in a medium value stain. It has some texture to the grain, including some knots. The planks vary in size from 4in., 5in., and 6in., and the lengths vary in lengths from 1.3 ft- 5 ft planks. 

It has so much character, and will give some texture to our home, plus be casual, and easy to maintain. 

Best of both worlds.

This is a vignette of my flooring, quartz, and cabinet doors.
P1150179 (453x800) new house kitchen - Copy

Another choice checked off!

check mark
Ribbet collage New House Kitchen

Next bathroom finishes!!!