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Monday, July 25, 2016

My Monday Puttzing Routine!

After the weekend Monday mornings can sometimes be hard to face. However I take my Mondays in stride and I call them a puttzing day.

What do I do on my puttzing day.  I put on soft comfy clothes,  my hair in a pony tail, and I do as little or as much as I want. 

My day will include the usual laundry, and pick me ups, but I do a little swooshing too. Swooshing includes once over lightly cleaning, nothing too deep.

Over the years there a few things that I have learned and continue to do to make my house stay clean and tidy.

Let's start in the kitchen!

I give my kitchen sink a good wash down with my dish soap and a brush. 

Don't forget to stick a brush, or rag down in the garbage disposal, and wash down the walls and underneath the rubber rim. You will be so surprised at the gunk that hides in there.

The other thing I do is I turn on very hot water and run my disposal and as it is running I trickle my dish soap down the drain and it bubbles up and helps clean the walls and the drain in both my sinks.

I know it is done when the bubbles come up in the other drain. Then I turn the disposal off and run the hot water until the bubbles subside.

Don't Forget!

The other area not to forget is the rubber stopper, if yours has a rim inside of it pull it down a bit and clean the inside of the rubber rim, another place gunk and smelly things like to hide.

Putting a cut up lemon and letting the garbage disposal run is a nice fresh scent to leave behind.

I use white for kitchen, blue for bathroom and yellow for dusting and general cleaning.

Next, I wash down my counters with a wet rag and dry them with a soft white micro fiber rag. The refrigerator and microwave get a good swipe as well.

Let's Make Things Smell Fresh!

I spray a little room freshener under the sink, and add a paper towel underneath the garbage sack that I spray with the room freshener as well. I like this particular spray because it smells fresh and it is also anti-bacterial.


I will have to admit that I am pretty picky about how clean my bathrooms are and I am a fanatic on the smell factor, or hopefully lack of  any smell factor.

 Believe it or not I actually like to clean the bathrooms. When you think about it, it is the one room that sparkles once it is cleaned.

The very first thing I do is to put an antibacterial cleaner in the toilet and let it sit while I clean the rest of the bathroom.

I start with the sink first by spraying it with Method bathroom cleaner. I give it good wipe down and then dry it off with the white microfiber cloth. I do the same with the faucet and counter tops.


Next the mirrors!

My Magic Cloth 

(Make sure it is rubbermaid Q630) 

There is another special cloth that I have deemed my magic cloth that is remarkable for mirrors and windows. All you have to do is wet one corner and wipe off whatever surface you are cleaning and then use the dry area to wipe and dry off the same area.

I don't know what is in this cloth but it is magic. It gets off hard water scale, and makes glass sparkle, literally sparkle. It is fantastic for shower doors as well.

One of the best cleaning tools to date. My DIL gave me my first cloth and since then I have ordered more so I can have one in each room. The upside of this cloth is you don't have to use any chemical cleaners, just plain 'ol water will do.

 The Scent of Summer

In the summer time I like to use a summer scent and I found that the Lysol Hawaiian scent is very summery and pleasant, plus it is 99% anti-bacterial, which is a must in the bathroom area.

I empty out the little garbage cans and wipe down with the Lysol cleaner. I fold a paper towel to fit in the bottom of the can and spray it with my room spray.

Lastly I swish out the toilet bowl.

Helpful Hint:
The other thing I have learned to do is to keep all of my cleaning rags/cloths separate in a little white garbage can in the laundry room and I wash them all together with no softener or softener sheets.

It helps keep the lint at bay and there is no streaking from the softener residue that is left behind. I wash the magic cloths totally separate from other cloths.

So if you happen to drop in on me you will catch me home on Monday's either puttzing, reading, writing or napping!!!