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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something New To Me!!

I was feeling a little under the weather this weekend. I did not feel like doing much since it appears I have a touch of something that is trying to take me down!! I could not seem to wrap my mind around blogs, reading or even writing the last few days so that left TV. Thank goodness for the DVR! I started watching my Candace Olsen episodes. On one of the shows she was doing a bathroom. Bathrooms are by far my favorite room to design. A lot of what she was doing I had seen before. She was working with a mosaic tile. I have almost the same mosaic tile in my bathroom, but I do love it so I was interested in seeing what she was going to do with it. They started applying the tile to the walls and they picked out a beautiful marble stone floor. I have seen all of this before, or so I thought!
They showed the finished wall tile and to my surprise the most subtle beautiful pattern emerged. Boy was I glad I remembered seeing the manufactures name. Bisazza Tile. Make sure you click on the link to go and see there amazing website. Here is the pattern that Candace used and some other patterns that caught my eye. They have even more so go to their website for a lot of eye candy.
The pattern on the left is what Candace used Hearts in Bianco. This is not her bath but it is the tile pattern from Bisazzo website. What you are about to see is done with tile. It is not a wall covering. You are about to see some amazing tile designs, Enjoy!!
Be still my heart! I love, love this!!
Can you believe these amazing tile images? I can just see some of these as  a whole wall or even as a framed panel in a shower to cut down on cost. I just had to share these with you. I had never seen them before and I do love a pretty bathroom.  Any bathroom would become more than pretty with the addition of these tiles.
“ Enjoy the Process” Of: Discovering new design elements.