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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Have Been Inspired To Move Forward!


Recently I read a blog post on a, new to me, blog called, Vrelland Road. Thank you Joni of Cote de Texas for introducing this blog to me!

It is written by designer, Jennifer Schoenberger. Jennifer is a bundle full of talent, and enthusiasm that was totally captivating and contagious.

Jennifer Schoenberger Design VREELAND ROAD
(Designed by Jennifer Schoenberger)

When you have been in the business for over 35 years it seems to take a lot to get you truly inspired, but when you do it is magical.

In reading many of Jennifer’s blog post, (I could hardly stop reading, it was like a good book.) I was inspired by her enthusiasm, and how she takes one element, and incorporates it in her designs.

You musn't be afraid to dream a little big bigger #chalkboard #kitchendesign (Lisa Gabrielson and J. Schoenberger Design).
  (designed by Jennifer Schoenberger)

One recurring motif I noticed was her use of, “X” Personally I love this motif and enjoyed seeing how she used it.

What inspired me, unknown to Jennifer, was to move forward on a design element that I have wanted to use in my own home for a very long time.

...in a circle...and I go in lots of circles. I've been living out this design principle for ages. (next thing you know Pinterest will be round)

I started pinning different images with a circular motif, and was surprised at how many  I found. 

Blue and white, Greek key motif on floor, circle motif on floor and above window, arches. wall paper is a bit busy for me personally but this is a gorgeous space. 

I am in love with the way the circle motif is mixed with the Greek Key, another favorite of mine. I am remembering this for the future.

I planned to use the circle motif on a soffit in my living room above my bay window and that is still in my overall design plan for that room, if and when I get to re-do it.

I think the circle motif on a door is so interesting and classic

This time it is used on a panel door and it is gilded in gold.

circular molding on tub face
This really makes a difference in the overall design of this bathroom.

circular trim

In this bathroom they not only used the circle motif, but they mixed it with the, “X” motif.  A little of this design goes a long way. I think they might have over used it just a tad, or at least for my own personal taste.

Which brings me to another point!

If you are using a certain design element such as a circle or an, “X” how many is too many?

That is a good question and to be honest it will depend on the room and/or the homeowners taste.
I will say this, “Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing.” So, with that being said, proceed with restraint.

{circular moldings on doors}
(my all time favorite solid door, love the center placement of the door handles)

You want to use a motif as part of the overall design, or as a focal point, but you do not want it to be repeated so often that you, and the people viewing your home get tired of seeing it. 

Or worse yet it actually starts looking like a collection of circles or X’s, or whatever the element is that you are using!

circle motif  built in bunk beds, turquoise detail inside circle

Thanks to Jennifer I am excited to move forward with using the circle motif in my home. It won’t be in my living room, but I have something up my sleeve.

Give me some time, and you will see it in the very near future in my home.

Do you have a design element that you have loved for a very long time, but have yet to incorporate it into your home? What is it?

I say start collecting images and figure out a way to incorporate it in your home. 

The more visual information you get the better you will feel about moving forward.

BTW:  All of the above images can be found on my pinboard, HERE!