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Monday, January 10, 2011

What Is On My MIND!!!

This time of year makes all of us start thinking about the things we would like to do or change in the upcoming year.

Often we have a running list from years past. We also have new things to add to this years list.

We designer types are always spinning with ideas that sometimes can become jumbled in our brains. Or, at least that happens to me.

My mind has been spinning this past week and I have started writing several post about what is on my mind.

Blogging is a wonderful way to keep track of my thought process, however my mind can be a bit jumbled with thoughts from time to time!!

Of course family and friends are always in my thoughts, but no changes needed there, I love them no matter what!!!

Here are just a few of the thoughts  I have been thinking. They are in no particular order.

 I think you will be able to tell by the images where my mind has been going, all over the map!!

4 (404x537) 

5 (426x700) 

beach (460x360) 
Meg Braff

7 (400x320) 

scalamandre baldwin bamboo (720x723) 
Scalamandre Baldwin Bamboo

6 (266x189) 

chair (450x600) 

12 (270x187) 

blue_and_green[1] (400x273) 

8 (500x524) 

blue ikat (600x401) (600x401) (600x401)

img_cleanlaundryroomlg_1[1] (371x400) 

lamp (300x333) 

cover-laundry-1_300[1] (300x357)

color outside the lines Artie John Jacob Zwiegelaar (552x368)
Jacob Zwiegelaar 

11 (598x800)

So tell me, does your mind work like mine?

Can you figure out from the above images what I want to do to make changes in my life and in my home?

“ Enjoy the Process” Of:

Thinking about all sorts of productive things.