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Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Christmas Wreath

The very first time I saw this wreath I pinned it for the future. I just knew one day it would fit in my home. For the last four years it just did not make the cut. However..... 
This was the year!!!

Thanks to Martha Stewart's inspiration I made my own version this year.

As you probably already know I used navy, cobalt and greens this year with an addition of some mercury glass so this wreath was a perfect addition.

It is a good idea to have a nice flow from room to room that has elements that work or coordinate nicely.

You will notice that on the very bottom of the wreath are tiny balls very similar to the falling snow in the pillow I have on my sofa.


I ordered 4 bunches of eucalyptus from our grocery stores floral department and picked it up yesterday.

The plan was to make the wreath and to also incorporate the eucalyptus into the mantel garland. I like to mix some live greens with the faux.

Here is my interpretation of the wreath using silver dollar eucalyptus.

 I love how it sparkles. One thing that surprised me was how the little tiny balls at the bottom are what made the wreath feel special to me.  Like little snow balls. It is always in the details.

 Here is a close up so you can see that I used a lot more of the tiny little balls on the bottom of my wreath. This wreath is almost 3ft in diameter so it has a lot more ornamentation than the original wreath pictured above, which is a 2ft wreath.

I chose to add the ribbons streamers at the bottom of my wreath. It is another tie-in to what is in the Great room. I also have streamers on my mantel garland.

It is fun to mix up the greenery. It gives it more interest, texture and color variation.

I am really enjoying this combination, plus it really smells fresh and clean.

The nice thing about using the eucalyptus is I have a bucket outside with water in it keeping the branches fresh so when they start looking a bit less than fresh inside, it will be an easy thing to replace them.

One good thing about eucalyptus it doesn't look half bad when it starts drying out.


Do you use a mantel nailing board on your mantel? I do!! If you don't know what that is you can read about it HERE!