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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Decor in Soft Neutrals

It is no secret that I am not a fan of orange. I know- I know it is huge in the design world right now and it has been for awhile. Although it the perfect color for fall decor you will never, and I do mean never, find it in my home.

I have done several post about the elements I like to pull into my own Fall/Winter decor and it always involves a touch of black because that works for my home.

What about those of you that like a softer pallette and neutrals? What are some of the elements you can use for fall?
Well do not fear!! Kathysue is here!!!  To the rescue. I have made a little list of elements for you, and I also have some inspirational pictures.
  1. linen
  2. brown transfer ware plates
  3. branches in a vase
  4. wood logs in a basket
  5. dried hydrangeas in soft neutrals
  6. pinecones
  7. plain white grapevine wreath
  8. mercury glass candle sticks with cream or linen colored candles
  9. cable knit throws in cream
  10. linen covered picture frames
COLORS (335x449)

Nice neutrals, but it still has a warmth to it for the fall. Notice all the white/cream pottery. Dried hydrangeas are a great color inspiration for the fall. A nice large basket full of wood. Looks like Fall to me!!

basket (800x728)
A light colored wall basket full of dried hydrangeas, beautiful!

framed twigs (300x400)
These are actually plant life from the ocean, but if those are not available how about different configurations and colors of twigs from the yard?

 Place them on a linen backdrop, and use all light colored matching frames, and you have your very own fall wall grouping.

brown (400x400)

Bring in a nice cream shag rug a large basket of wood. 
Add lovely warm cream throws and pops of soft brown and you have created another lovely,soft and neutral Fall room.  (Home Depot has an area rug like this for under $150 for an 8X10 by Mohawk Frisae shag)
plates (277x400)
Brown and white transferware plates and platters in a grouping add a warm touch to a white wall. You can find these at Thrift stores and even Homegoods for very little money.

LINEN FRAMES (300x400)
Cover inexpensive frames with linen.

centerpiece (540x359)
Simple dried hydrangeas in a cream bowl.

pillows (400x400)

A mixture of brown, white and linen pillows. Soft flowing linen drapes to add warmth to the window. Notice the three varied colors, all neutrals, in the baskets on the mantle. Very cool basket on the hearth.

logs (313x400)
How about finding an old weathered piece of wood and paint your last name on it for a wall hanging. 

More stacked wood, but this time it is in an old wooden washtub. 

The striped rug in neutrals is another way of warming up the floor. Dash and Albert make wonderful striped cotton rugs.They have a great chocolate ticking on a cream background.
hydrangea and pumpkins (540x360)
Pumpkins and a hydrangea wreath. In this image they are using the green family but you could use all soft beiges, creams and white in the wreath and the pumpkins.
Speaking of pumpkins, it isn’t fall until we have pumpkins on our porch or in our homes. We are so lucky to be able to get pumpkins in softer colors other than oranges. Gourds are also a nice addition to the mix as pictured below.
pumpkins and twigs (300x400)
texture (400x400)
Fall can have a softer side to it also by using soft neutrals with a lot of texture. I think I will be using some of these ideas in my own home.

What are some of the softer side of fall elements that you will be using in your homes this year?
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Adding soft colors with texture to your Fall decorating!