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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Pleat or Not to Pleat? That is the Question!

I have a thing for pleats. I loved to wear them when I was young and now that I have a home to decorate I love them in furniture. I have been looking around at the different pieces you can get with pleats in upholstered pieces and there are some really appealing designs.  Let me show you some that I am loving .

This is an amazing bedroom by Designer Tobi Fairley. I love the nice deep pocket in this oversized box pleat.
Another darling room by Tobi. The ottoman in this girls room has some great box pleats around its edges.

You have to look carefully to see these pleats. They rest above the skirt bottom, just barely peeking out. I really like this look. I find it interesting.

These pleats are a bit different than a box pleat. They are side-by-side almost overlapping. These are called fan pleats. I have noticed that I am liking my pleats with a fair amount of length in order to lay nicely.  The other element I like is the little legs or casters peeking out from underneath, leaving a bit of visual space between the bottom of the skirt and the floor.

Here we have a smaller pleated skirt.  It almost gives a ruffled affect. I would be afraid that this would not lay smoothly after its first washing. It appears to be a slip covered piece. This is another example of a fan pleat.

I found this room on Cote de Texas blog. This room was done by Designer Suellen Gregory.  Pretty and Pink.  Love the large box pleats on the ottoman.

I am seriously thinking about four of these little beauties for my living room.  They are slipcovered  so that would make them washable. That is a plus with a family.  Look at the darling little casters peeking out from under the skirt.

This sofa has box pleats with a good length to them.  I definitely like the legs peeking out from under the skirt.
After looking at all these pleated beauties, do you prefer box or fan pleats? How about the width of the pleat? Do you prefer the larger or the more narrow pleats. One other thing to think about!  Do you like pleats to go to the floor or to leave a little air space between the pleats and the floor?

These are all questions I have asked myself.  So far I am liking the box pleat just like on the sofa in the above picture. I like the little caster feet.

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Discovering if you like Pleats!