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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Dozen Ideas For Decorating A Christmas Kitchen


A room that might just be overlooked when it comes to Christmas decorations might be your kitchen.

Trying to make it look festive is really quite easy. Since a kitchen has so many comings and going through out the day it is a good idea to keep it simple.

I have collected a few ideas that I really like and that are quite doable.

I am about to show you some of them including a few of my own Christmas decorations past and present in the kitchen…….

I thought I would start with my all-time favorite. I have had this image in my files for a very long time.

Anyone could add a pretty ribbon to a store bought wreath and hang it on their hutch or cupboard doors.

Speaking of cupboard doors let me show you what I did last year to my cupboard doors…….

Jingle-bell napkin rings become pretty little wreaths when they are hung on the cupboard knobs. Add a simple ribbon, and tie in a large knot. Simple, easy, anyone could do this!!

This is another one of my all-time favorites. So easy to add some greenery to your window.

Tie a few of your favorite shapes, and colors of ornaments, and you are good to go!!

Love the large trophy cups holding the mini pines. Not a lot going on, but very festive and again, SIMPLE!!!

This is my kitchen last year! I chose to put my mini-pines in three white pitchers. I love the crispness of the white with the dark green.

kitchen Christmas trees in a bowl 017 (600x800)

This year I chose to put three little mini-pines in one of my larger white serving bowls. I added three wooden spoons for a little whimsy, and texture.

The little “P” is actually the top of a cheese knife. I kept the white going by adding faux snow. I also thought it would be cute to use oatmeal which would give it a nice neutral look.

kitchen Christmas trees in a bowl 016 (600x800)

You can see that I used the same treatment on the cupboard knobs as I did last year.

The only difference is the ribbon choice. I chose a satin ribbon from England that has an outline in black. I love how sharp and crisp it is!

By adding a candle and some greenery to a common kitchen colander it becomes a Christmas decoration.

Another common kitchen item! Cookie cutters!! Just tie them together with some red, and white bakers twine, and it becomes a darling ornament for the kitchen.

I know this might be a bit out-there for some, but I think this is adorable! Another unusual but easy thing to do for your kitchen.

How about lining three creamers in your window above your sink, and adding ribbons and some greenery inside them. I really love this idea!

Another colander with snow, and snowball candles! So cute!!

This wire tree was decorated with vintage Jell-O molds. Very clever indeed!!

I am working on my kitchen still, but I feel inspired after writing this blog post!!

Do you all decorate in your kitchen? Leave a comment and tell me what you have done. I love to be inspired by my readers!!

Happy Decorating in the Kitchen To YOU!!

For more ideas go HERE to my Pinterest board!