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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Glow Without Exposure!!

Now that it is time for Summer vacations and fun in the sun I thought I would share some of the products that I like to use in the summer to give me  a little Summer glow without too much exposure to the Sun!! After writing the post about Fashion Don’ts here I felt the least I could do is write about what I use and love.

Since I don’t lay in the sun to get a tan anymore I get a little help from a self-tanner. I have read a lot about these on which ones are supposedly the best and it seems to me that everyone agrees for the affect and the monies Jergens is the best. Clarins was doted as one of the best with a wonderful fragrance but I tested it and I was not impressed with the fragrance at all and it is a lot more pricey than Jergen’s. You can get different levels of color. I use the fair to medium since I am pretty fair first thing in the summer. I can graduate to medium/dark  as the Summer goes along. You can purchase this at Target.
I don’t use this product on my face so I prefer to use a tinted moisturizer by La Mer to give me a little bit of sheer color.
This is the same moisturizer that is in La Mer with a hint of color and it will last way past the Summer months. You can purchase this at Nordstrom’s and I believe some of the larger Macy’s are now carrying this line. The product cost the same at either store  but I prefer the customer service at Nordstrom's.
I love Bobbi Brown products and her Bronzer is the best around as far as I am concerned. I buy the big bronzer brush from Sephora, it is less expensive under their label and it feels so good on your face. I use the bronzer across the forehead, bridge of my nose and across my cheekbones. This product gives such a nice glow. 
Bobbi Brown also makes a Brick that is great to carry with you because it has colors ranging from white to champagne to bronze. It can be used on the cheeks and the eyes. It is a good tool to keep around, it will last forever as does the bronzer. These are both good investments for the monies. As far as color goes I love Bobbi Brown's colors they do not change on me and stay true. I find her line to be the best for a natural look, which is what I love.
If I feel as if I want a bit more of a peach cheeked look I use Bare Minerals blush in Golden Gate. It gives just a hint of a healthy glow.
bare minerals blush
As far as lipstick goes, this is where I have to admit I am a lipstick obsessed addict. I kid you not. All my friends that know me well, will tell you if I am looking at the make-up counter I will be coming away with a new lipstick or lip-gloss. The funny thing is they all wind up being pretty close in color. Do you guys do that? I will share with you two lip glosses that I always buy of Bobbi Brown’s. One is Lilac sugar and the other is peach. The lilac sugar looks amazing over any color on your lips. All of her glosses have a vanilla flavor, yum!! They stay on for a really long time also.
lilac sugar

As far as my finger nails go I use the same color on my nails all the time. It is a pearl white. One coat of it with a gloss top-coat always looks chic and fresh.

Now for the toes, I love bright pops of color on my toes so they will  vary according to my mood. I do love Nicole colors by OPI. They have a great variety of fun and current colors. I can’t believe it but I even love their lime colored polish. You can go here to see the colors. It is a really fun site, you can pick your skin tone and add the color of the polish to see how it will look.

When it comes to fragrance if I am at the beach Bobbi Brown actually has a Beach scent that is wonderful.

If I am on a tropical vacation I got hooked on Sun Flare Coconut Mango butter from Hawaii and also their soap. It smells amazing and is about the most emollient butter I have ever used. I keep the soap in my bathroom all the time and when it gets used or even if the bathroom gets a bit warm the fragrance permeates into the room.

Well, my dear friends I hope this gives you some fun and maybe new products to try this summer. These are all products that I have used for a long time and go back to year after year. Hopefully by using these I will never look like a Fashion “Don’t”!! Be sure to read the previous post and the comments. My readers have left some great ideas of products they love and use. I am really looking forward to reading what cosmetics they like to use for a summer glow in this post comments!!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Finding fun new Summer beauty products!