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Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Wardrobe Colors

In my post about my own personal color pick for 2012 I chose the color, emerald/Kelly green to add to my home.

I mentioned in that post that I had a few colors that I have been looking for that I would like to incorporate into my wardrobe for 2012.

Before I show you these four colors I have to profess my love for Preppy classics. I did this in a post last year called:

Stripes and checks are not new too me, but patterns I have had a love affair with for years.

So keep that in mind when you see the repeat of these patterns in my fashion choices.

I actually got an email from Nordstrom's today that had a whole section on what they called, "Prep Perfection!!"

I decided I am going to call it, “Classic Prep,” so I will use this term from now on, it sounds more grown up than Preppy, don’t you think?

The four colors are:
Cobalt blue

Kelly/Emerald Green

Bright Marigold


In the above images you can see   the colors I love.

The reason I did not mention red as a new color, is I already have it in my wardrobe.

The Kelly green, marigold,  and magenta will be new additions to my wardrobe.

I think the pops of color will be great with the black and white base I already have going on in my existing wardrobe.

I have to take a moment to mention that I will NOT be looking for skinny jeans.

My belief is, if you turn side-ways, and your leg looks like a chicken drumstick, skinny jeans are not for YOU!!

There is also something to be said for age, and figure appropriateness!

Today I am going to talk about Cobalt blue, and show some of the wardrobe pieces, and outfits that have caught my eye.
I will do more post on the others colors in the very near future.

I hope you enjoy some pictures of what is swirling around in my brain…….
Cobalt blue is the color I chose to add more of  in my home in 2011.

I am still working on that, and have made some progress.
I am now on the look for my wardrobe.

For Winter:

Love this look, but unfortunately this lady can no longer wear that high of a heel, maybe a cute wedge boot instead?!


I already have the scarf so I could put this outfit together easily!

You can not go wrong with a black and white striped blouse with the cobalt. I already have the blouse so all I need is the sweater. However you will not be seeing me in shorts, but long pants will suit me just fine!

Love the black with the cobalt and this sweater would be a wonderful winter staple in my wardrobe. I think I really would enjoy wearing this.

Notice the black stripe down each sleeve, it adds just the right touch to make it seem more special than a plain top.

This falls on the navy side of cobalt, but the overall look is what I am after. Cute polka-dot blouse under a striped sweater, Love!!!

I love the pop of magenta/bright violet in the belt. I would not do a magenta or bright violet skirt as pictured, I will let my younger readers go for that look.


I have to leave you with at least a couple of images of interiors, after all this is a design blog. How about a little black and blue ………..

I had so much fun doing some virtual shopping. I think I found a few things I might actually purchase. I will let you know what I finally get to add too my 2012 winter wardrobe!

Thank you for shopping along with me! I hope you……..

“Enjoyed the Process!”