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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Tisket a Tasket I found a Basket !!

I made a trip to Homegoods and I found a basket just like the pottery barn basket for $59.00 instead of the $129.00. After seeing it in person it looked huge so I had to re-evaluate my plan.

Next I saw a basket that was a little shorter, but the color shape and width were perfect. The texture was much smoother, but I liked that aspect. It was definitely worth a try at home so into my basket it went. At $29.99 it was more than worth it.

magazine basket 001 (689x800) (689x800)
This basket was  handmade by the women of Lombok Island, a small island East of Bali in Indonesia. It is beautifully and skillfully made so, even if I were  to find another basket ,I would keep this one and use it in my master bedroom to hold books.

magazine basket 004 (800x600)

Next I went to the clearance aisle. They had two varying sizes of square baskets with lids. The large one was on clearance for $12 and the smaller one was only $9. They are not skillfully made like the other basket but I like that they have lids to hide what is inside.

I have a desk in my home that was mine as a little girl. In fact underneath the desk I have the name of my childhood heart-throb written.

magazine basket 014 (600x800)

magazine basket 026 (394x800)
Under this desk you could see the cords to the phone lamp etc. and it annoys me. Do you all hate cords as much as I do? Well, these baskets stacked on top of each other hide the cords and hold magazines and the extra decor books I have that won’t fit on the shelves. Score!! into the basket they went!!! I just  solved two decorating issues with one trip to Homegoods. I love when that happens, don’t you?
In January I wrote a post where I said that I wanted to add more baskets to my home this year. I think I am on my way…….
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