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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In The Pink For Christmas!!

Pink is not the first color you think of when you hear the word Christmas decorations, is it? Pink is usually associated with a more feminine or frou-frou look.

I was amazed at how many ideas there are to use the color pink. Some are a bit frou-frou for me, but they are still quite pretty.

Pink is a color that can also be mixed with other Christmas colors. Yes-Even red and green.

Let me show you some fun images that might inspire you to use a little pink in your Christmas decor this year.

4 (313x400)
I think this image shows how you can keep it festive using pink with reds and even turquoise. When it is done right it is so pretty!!

2 (320x400)
A pink tree is not for everyone I will admit, but keeping the color pallete tight by using gold and silver accents it can be sophisticated.

5 (300x400)
A bit over the top for most people, including me. Yet, I love the use of white and silver and could see using some of the elements. The pretty packages, especially the pink one with see through fabric with twinkly lights inside could be show stoppers if done right. I also like the over-sized white snowflakes hanging in the window.

6 (360x460)
A fun pink and purple mix with gold accents. I love all the clocks on the trees. Clocks are a theme I have on my tree also.

3 (313x400)
Old silver pedestal pieces stacked with pretty pink ornaments inside.

8 (400x300)
Curly willow branches in a urn to make a massive arrangement full of pinks and white and glittery ornaments. When elements are done in mass like this it makes a big statement piece. Remember my theory for Christmas decorations: Over the top or simple!!

11 (360x460)
Talk about simple!  A simple pink beaded garland on the bed with a ironstone bowl of pink ornaments. No big statement here just quiet elegance.

15 (300x300)
This is so pretty. A simple silver tray with bright pink balls scattered about. I am seeing a recurring theme as I am writing this post. Pink looks really elegant when paired with silver.

9 (639x536)
Pretty and pink and look how simple this is !!

12 (300x214)
By mixing pink with red and fresh greenery you have a wonderful Christmas vignette.

16 (300x400)
Just a touch of pink and there is it’s perfect partner, candlelight on a silver tray.

1 (313x400)
I love the silver vases with the pink flowers in them. Notice the napkins are being used for place mats.

14 (300x400) 
A few simple pink packages and a little greenery and you now have a Christmas display!

16 (400x400)

So even if your name is not Barbie you can still have pink in your Christmas!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Adding a little pink to your Christmas this year!!


Holiday Hint:

If you would like to add pink to your Christmas decor start out simple by just adding some pink ornaments to your tree.

Pink will stay sophisticated and not frou-frou when paired with silver or gold.

If pink won't work on your tree choose one room in your home to focus on this pretty color!

Monday, November 29, 2010

How I Display My Vintage Ornaments

Yesterday’s post was about the decorations that were used when I was growing up in the 1950’s. We have come a long way since that time. I think a little more sophisticated. I miss the nostalgia that comes with memories from Christmas past.

As I said yesterday I have collected vintage ornaments from 1930’s to 1970’s. I now have them mixed in with my family ornaments on the family tree.
Last year I took some  of them and did a fun display on my mantle………….

114 (800x600) (2)
I mixed some old with the new in clear glass apothecary jars!

115 (800x600) (2)
This is the right side of the mantel. You can actually see the glow of the tree's white lights in the clear glass apothecary jars.

112 (800x600) (2)
This is the left side of the mantel. In this picture you can see I used all clear glass holders with white pillar and column candles. I also used clear red glass tea light holders.
On each side of the mantel I used an urn that has a tree that is a moss green with gold and pink/red sparkly beads.

 I placed ornaments in a row at the base of the cone trees to repeat the element used in the apothecary jars. By doing that it keeps the eye moving and gives more of a flow.

107 (800x600)
The center of my mantel. I don’t know if you all remember, but this mantel is 17 ft. long and I only have a little less than 4ft. of wall space above it.
099 (800x600)
Now who is that in the left of the mirror? Is that one of Santa’s helpers? (note to self and hubby, look at the reflection when taking a picture in front of the mirror.)
That is how I displayed my vintage ornaments last year!! I love the colors and the way they catch the lights. I hope you enjoyed my little display and it inspires you to pull out your old family ornaments so you can enjoy them.
Enjoy the Process” Of:
Using and enjoying your ornaments other than just on the tree!

I am linking to  the Mantel Party over at Layla's Lettered Cottage
Be sure and go by to see all of the great mantel's. You are sure to get some great ideas!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vintage Isn’t Old They are New Again!!

I don’t know about you all, but I love vintage ornaments. I think ornaments and decorations can give a fun fresh look when done right. They are always so colorful and the shapes are so interesting. Especially the delicate glass ornaments that were made in Germany.

Since I am a 1950’s child I have some fond family memories attached to some particular Christmas decorations.  Do you remember these????……..

1 (500x271)
3 (400x373)

4 (691x525)
Funky aluminum stars with lights, but they were the big lights not the small ones like the lights pictured here.

8 (400x300)
The tree was covered with the large multi-colored lights and of course the fascinating bubble lights.

My Grandpa use to always say, “Don’t touch those. They will burn you!”

I touched them anyhow and I never got burned!!! That was my naughty girl behavior, but I made sure I had on my nice behavior before Santa arrived.

7 (800x497)6 (800x604)
These little cardboard houses always had snow sprinkles and glitter on them. The light went in the hole in the back.
 I use to lay on my tummy at my Grandparents home and pretend that little Christmas people lived inside the little houses that were placed on cotton batting with sprinkles of multi-colored glitter and sometimes angel hair.

The tree was always a fresh tree and it had silver tinsel covering its limbs.

My husband actually remembers having to put it on one by one so when Christmas was over they could take it off and use it for the next year. Oh my! I am glad that tradition skipped my family!!! Yikes!!

I have a collection of vintage ornaments ranging from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. My very first vintage ornaments were the ornaments my mom and my husband’s mom gave us that were on their very first tree in the late 1940’s. Those sweet memories now hang on my very own family tree every year!

One year for Christmas I did a tree for my dining room that I called my Grandma,Grandpa tree. I used all the vintage ornaments and put up an aluminum star, bubble lights, tinsel and the little houses underneath sitting on batting. It really brought back sweet memories.

Do any of you have vintage ornaments? How do you display yours?

On tomorrow's post I will show you one of the ways I displayed my vintage ornaments last year. Be sure and come back!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Making something new again by displaying it in an updated fresh look!!


Holiday Hint:

Pick up vintage ornaments at local thrift stores and flea markets to start your own collection.

Don’t wait to display them until you have enough for a tree full! Add them right along with your existing ornaments for a fun and colorful display!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Up-Cycling Can Be Fun!!!

I have to admit I am not much of an arts and crafts person, probably because I can never make it look as good as I would like! Every once-in-awhile I run across something that I think is so clever and easy, even I want to try to make one!!

I found something while blog hopping last week.  I ran across these clever winter vases just in time for Christmas. I can see these in so many different style of homes such as a room like this………

1 (377x471)
I think the winter vase I found would look amazing on this console with some fresh pine greenery inside.

2 (360x460)
A winter vase full of white roses next to this lovely blue bed would be so warm and inviting.

4 (400x358)
In place of this cream vase a winter vase filled with branches with varying colors of purple and gold balls would be amazing as a Christmas vignette.

3 (510x600) 
All that is missing in this office would be a winter vase full of white poinsettias. Then this office would be all ready for Christmas!

6 (400x600)
So many of us have fallen in love with this wonderful bright green paint that is on this campaign chest. Just picture a lovely winter vase (what in the world is a winter vase?) that you made yourselves sitting on top of this with gold painted twigs inside and one little white feathered bird sitting on a twig.

8 (300x225)
In this modern room I think 3 varying heights of winter vases would look amazing sitting behind the sofa. You would not need to put anything inside as long as they were varying sizes and shapes. They would become sculptural.

I have tried to get you to use your imagination about adding a winter vase in each of these rooms. At the beginning of the post I told you that you can make one!! Here is what I am talking about!…….

2 (340x500) 

This vase cover was up-cycled from the sleeve of an old cable knit sweater sleeve. The use of the old sweater is clever and even I can cut off a sleeve of a sweater!!

3 (337x500)
Can’t you just see all of the above images of rooms with one of these fun cable knit vases for Christmas?! This was done by the talented blogger Courtney at:

Thoughtful designs blog

I love the idea and think it can be applied in many styles of homes. That is why I gave you a visual reference of rooms before seeing the vases.

Now go back and visualize a cable knit vase in each room. I think you will have fun!!

What a great way to up-cycle or repurpose!! I also think these could make a fun gift for someone!!

See what happens when we blog hop! I just love blogland at Christmas time.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Up-cycling and repurposing for a fun Winter/Christmas accessory!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Fresh VS. Faux!!

There are two camps when it comes to fresh vs. faux greenery for the holidays. If you are talking about flowers, I say "fresh!" If you are talking about greenery,  I say, "either/or!" I also say,"Sometimes use both!"

I think it depends on where you are putting the greenery and how long you might need it to last.

There are fire law requirements in public places and there is the sap problem on finished wood. With that in mind you might need to use faux.

Today’s post is showing FRESH Greenery!

I love the smell of fresh greenery and it always looks so lovely for Christmas.
Here are a few stunners using fresh greenery, Enjoy!!

blog mantle 2008 1[1] (400x420) (400x420)
I love, love this simple idea. You not only get the fragrance of the natural greenery, but you have the safety of it being contained. The other plus is it is a great way to display your ironstone!!! Great idea!

8 (360x460)
This is just simple and fun!!

2 (360x460) (360x460)
This is my all time favorite vignette. Go figure!!! It is black and white and green, be still my heart!

5 (360x460)
This mantle is lush and lovely. If you have the space and the greenery is available I think more is more!!!

3 (297x400) (297x400)
Talk about more is more. May I have MORE Please?!!!

4 (360x460)
A beautiful mix of fresh greens, berries and hydrangeas. Just lovely against the beautiful cobalt door. Doesn’t this just make you want to go inside and see what is beyond this wonderfully colorful door?

6 (360x460)

7 (360x460)
9 (360x460)
I can only imagine how wonderfully this would smell. A touch of pine, eucalyptus and citrus, Yumo!!!

10 (360x460)
As I have said before, “For the holidays I like simple or over the top for my decorations.” This is simple and I think, Oh so pretty!!

12 (360x360)
So pretty!

11 (360x460)
Red and green!!! Notice the pop of turquoise in the pitcher filled with red roses?!

Which camp do you reside in? Faux, Fresh or both?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Using fresh greenery to give your home the scent of Christmas!!


Holiday hint:

Remember to check Lowes and Home Depot for fresh wreaths and garland at reasonable prices.

When using faux garlands use two different types inter-twined to get a full and original look. Sometimes it cost less to buy two inexpensive garlands and double them up.

When it comes to fullness More is More!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day!

May your day be filled with what is truly important……. The people that you love!!

Counting my blessing would take forever, but I can sum it up with what is truly the most important to me. To have been loved, first by God, my parents, my husband, my family and my friends. If you have love in your life, you have been blessed with the best gift of all.

Blogging has become such a wonderful part of my daily life and all of you are the reason why!! Thankyou, thankyou for just being out there willing to read, absorb and for letting me know what you think!!

Have a wonderful day today and I am sending you special cyber-pie!!
My Mom bakes the best pies ever, so to each of you have all the pie and whipped cream you would like……….

Tday pies 2010 001 (800x600)
Apple, walnut and pecan!!! Vintage cake plates are holding the pies. I have a silver revere bowl with vintage spoon to scoop piles of whip cream on the pie.

Tday pies 2010 005 (600x800)
I used a large vintage French linen dish towel to sit these yummy pies on.
Tday pies 2010 006 (600x800)
Monogrammed dessert napkins from Pottery Barn. If you don’t own these you really need to get some. They do up so nicely and they are very reasonably priced.
Easter day 09 076
In this picture my Mom/Mima is saying,"I Love YOU Big Bunches!" That is what she has always said to my boys and their wives and now she says it to her Great grandchildren. They all love her Big Bunches too!

My Mom has been here for the last couple of days and these pies are her handiwork she is kind of famous in our family for her pies. All of my boys Looooove Mima’s apple pie.(it really is amazing) I have had so much fun spending time with her in the kitchen. There is nothing like a Mom to put the love in Thanksgiving day!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

“ Enjoy the Process of Eating today and Dieting tomorrow!!”