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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

More Stripes For Our Backyard Patio

 summer cabana: black + white stripes:

Since Spring has arrived I think all of us are starting to look at our outdoor areas. I wrote about how much our yard plantings have grown their first year in my last post.

When we designed our back yard I knew what I wanted to incorporate and found a wonderful landscaper that was easy to collaborate with. We made the decision to buy larger plants in the beginning so we would have many years of enjoyment back there.

 Divided Light Front door:
 My friend Terri's porch of La Dolfina  blog.

We do have some more ideas planned for the back yard, but nothing  much different from what we now have.

I thought it would be fun to share one  of our future plans for our back yard area with you all, and maybe you will get inspired.

In our previous home I waited for years to add something to my front porch. I was a bit reluctant that it might be a bit over board. Then finally one year I did not care if it was over board or not and I added something I had wanted for years.


Of course I wanted to use a striped curtain somewhere in our new home too, and I have the perfect spot on our side patio....

See that column that is next to the brick planter. That is right at the edge of our side patio. I can see a striped curtain pulled back on that very corner.

Here is a side view of our side patio. I chose to use black and white striped cushions on our little bistro set and two white wicker chairs.

As you can see my scheme out back is black and white stripes with cobalt blue trimmed in white. We also have two black and white striped market umbrellas.

I love the charm of a market umbrella and it just seems to fit our yard.

I have not decided if I am going to use two curtains, one on each side of the post or just one. 

There are a lot of different places you can get the outdoor curtains, but one thing that is harder to find is a good outdoor fabric with a white background, and not the natural background. 

Pottery barn has  a nice selection and that is most likely where I will be purchasing them, but I am going to wait for them to go on sale. I need the longer length than most sites offer of 124"

Have you ever thought of using a curtain on your porch or on your patio. I wish I had not waited so long to use one in our previous home, but I am going to be sure and install one here in our new home, hopefully this year!!