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Monday, July 20, 2015

In Search For The Perfect Element For Our New Home

Do you ever get a picture in your minds eye of what you want something to look like, or maybe it is just one particular element in a room, and then you can’t find it!!?

Well that is what has happened to me.

I love to be inspired, and when I look at images it will sometimes make me start visualizing what I want in a room. That is exactly what happened when I saw this image…..

New house office

I was looking at rooms with navy walls because that is what I would like to do in my hubby’s den/office. 

See that fantastic round window on the left? 

I don’t have a round window in my home, however that window inspired me to do a round mirror on the window wall, one on each side of the bank of two windows on the back wall in the office/den.

Surely this will be a slam dunk to find a simple, nicely white framed round mirror at a reasonable price!

Apparently NOT! I pinned several mirrors that were round, some would have to be painted, and none were what I had pictured in my minds eye.

I needed it to be 22in.-24in. in diameter, a nice white frame, and a reasonable price point.

Gray Round Camden Mirror | World Market
Nice mirror, simple frame,  good price at $99, but I would have to paint it white.

acacia wood 24" mirror

More of the same and this has to be painted as well, it is the right size at 24in., however this cost more for basically the same look. This one is $129.

Bassett Locklyn 24" Round White Wall Mirror
Getting closer, it is white, has simple grooves around the frame giving it a bit of character. 

This one is also 24in., looks pretty good to me, a real possibility at What? $152, a good deal, but when I have seen two others for less, it makes me hesitate pulling the trigger. Are you like that too?

Ortley Gold Porthole 24 1/2" Round Convex Wall Mirror
I  saw this one which definitely has a nod to a Nautical feel, but that was also a problem, I don’t want to get to kitchy in his office/den even though I am leaning towards a Nautical feel for this room.
It is a wonderful mirror with the convex glass mirror, that is what caught my eye, but it is just a touch too thematic for a base piece in the room. 

When doing a nautical or coastal  look, one has to be very careful to not go overboard with kitchy, thematic elements.
Because of the convex glass, and the nice detailed wide frame this one came at a heftier price of $199. 

I could see one of these in a room, or a hallway, but not two like I want to do in my room. Just one step too far for my liking.

So what is a girl to do? Well, this girl is a very patient girl, and has learned that things usually work out for the best in the end, and by waiting I will be sure to find the perfect mirror.

My Waiting Paid OFF!!! 
This past week I took a trip into Homegoods actually looking for someone else, not even thinking about the round mirrors,  and Lo and Behold there it was!!

I heard the angels sing there was a glow of light spotlighting the MIRROR!!!! Not just one Mirror but there were three to choose from.

Did I buy them?
You bet I did!!!

Perfect size, frame, color and price…..

P1150322 (800x785)

Simple frame with some detail to make it interesting, 22 inches, and the best part, no painting, Okay that is kind of the second best part. 

The really, really best part was these mirrors were only, are you ready? $39.99 ! I feel as if the decorating fairy was with me!!!

My first purchase of a decorating item for our new home!!!

I am so glad I did not pull the trigger on the other mirrors and waited until the right one showed up. 
Again it shows how planning and patience can pay off!!!