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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Colorful Window box and Shutters

My window box is in my backyard. I only have one and I love it!!
The image below is a picture from last year’s window box.  Although the front of my home is  painted yellow the back is painted in a  cooler color scheme. We live in a hot area during the summer months and I wanted it to appear cooler so I chose a soft sage green with bright cobalt shutters! Are you surprised!!!

It is funny how most visitors don’t even notice the transition so I guess that means it works!!!

The cobalt has allowed me to display many fun color combinations. Below is a display of cool blues and greens. Another year I had all white hydrangeas. This year I am still working on the display. I will give you a hint, the base color is bright pink!!! With all the helpful hints that Debra Phillips gave in her post, "Container Design in Three Steps!" I think I will have a lovely display when all the plant material fills in.(Click HERE to read article)

Backyard bubbler 010 (598x800) 

Backyard bubbler 008 (600x800)
The left of the window box.

Backyard bubbler 007 (800x600)

Backyard bubbler 012 (600x800) 

The right of the window box.

Backyard bubbler 017 (678x800)
The water feature right under the window box. You can’t tell in this image but in the center of the rocks is bubbling water that makes a wonderful sound.

Backyard bubbler 016 (800x600)

Backyard bubbler 010 (598x800) 

So there you have it!!! My brightly painted shutters and window box.

I will have to admit I don’t think I would be brave enough to have used this color combination in the front of my home, but it sure is fun for the backyard!! Could you use a bright colored window box somewhere on your home?