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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Fabric has been Chosen!

I actually brought home three samples of fabric. One was a green and white damask, one was a stripe with greens and pinks with an overlay damask print in cream, and the last one was a soft off white with varying sizes of green stripes. I lived with the samples for a few days and made my decison. The pink and green was actually the perfect colors and pattern, however, it just said too much. It kept saying, "Look at me,look at me." I was tired of looking at it within the first hour. I wanted it to be a quiet soft look.  The damask had too much yellow base in the green. The soft green stripe won!  Stripes afterall are  a consistent pattern in my life. The color was perfection and it went well with some damask green and white pillows that I already in my wicker chairs in the living room. I also have some silk green and cream curtains in the room. So here is the winner………
my projects 003 (800x600)
I fell in love with this trim. It is not the conventional gimp that might be on a chair like this but I like a little whimsy in my life and this just called out to me. They only had enough to do the chair and  it was discontinued, so I felt it was just meant to be for me to buy it.
The chair has been gutted, fluffed and puffed, stapled and tacked. This is what it looks like now…………………………….
my projects 001 (466x800)
my projects 002 (800x600)
Here is the fabric draped on the chair. I really like the way it looks, so soft so pretty. It is like a diamond matelasse’ on the background with the stripe overlay. Simple, soft and lovely.

living room and family room 029 (761x800)
This is a picture of the damask pillow and the silk drapes that are already in the room. It is an unfinished room but it does have a garden room look to it because of the great light that comes through the bay window. Rememer this room has vanilla icecream walls with white molding and a green ceiling. Here is a picture of the ceiling so you can see how it all ties in together……….

garage sale treasures 045
This mirror is reflecting the ceiling. Now it is onto the part I have been waiting for, putting on the fabric. Wish me luck!! To be continued……
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Seeing a project unfold.