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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Just in case you did not know this I thought I should warn you!!!

For those of you who have grandchildren that have been visited by the, “Elf on the Shelf,” apparently the elf goes with the child when they are staying with someone that is a relative, and where the child feels right at home!

Every year I do a couple of days that I like to call Grammy’s Christmas children. I get my three grandchildren and we do Christmasy things for two days. This is also a bit of a gift to the Mom’s and Dad’s to finish up their Christmas chores without little eyes watching.

This year is the first year that they won’t all be together. My boys moved a bit farther away and won't be in town for Christmas, but I am happy to say they will be here the day after Christmas for a whole week!! Yay!!! I can hardly wait.

So, this year I did Grammy’s Christmas girl-child. Well my granddaughter has been visited by the, “Elf on the Shelf,” and you will not believe what I woke up too this morning……

Remember this table?!……..

Christmas dining room 2011 angel wings 028 (800x600)

Christmas dining room 2011 angel wings 027 (800x600)

After a visit from Abigail (that is what my granddaughter has named her), this is what it looks like now…….

Sarahs recital and visit Dec 2011 033 (600x800)

Apparently she thought it was real snow on my table and she had a fun time playing while we were all fast asleep…….

Sarahs recital and visit Dec 2011 034 (800x600)
I must admit, she did make a pretty good snow angel!
I just wanted to give you all a heads up, just in case a visiting child has their very own personal, “Elf on the Shelf!!!”

Back to making snowflakes, we have more creative demands on our attention today!!!

Kathysue is Enjoying the process of spending time with her Christmas Girl-child!!!!

BTW: I can tell by the comments that you all think the mess was made by my Christmas girl it was actually made by shhhh!! don't tell anyone....... Grammy!!!
My graddaughter actually apologized for her elf, it was so sweet.
No worries, I have to add leaves to the table for Christmas eve so I will just do it a little earlier. This was great fun. One of the rules is you can not touch the elf during the day or she will lose her magic.Can't wait to see where she goes tomorrow!!
Grammy aka:Elf on the shelf!