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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Up-Cycling Can Be Fun!!!

I have to admit I am not much of an arts and crafts person, probably because I can never make it look as good as I would like! Every once-in-awhile I run across something that I think is so clever and easy, even I want to try to make one!!

I found something while blog hopping last week.  I ran across these clever winter vases just in time for Christmas. I can see these in so many different style of homes such as a room like this………

1 (377x471)
I think the winter vase I found would look amazing on this console with some fresh pine greenery inside.

2 (360x460)
A winter vase full of white roses next to this lovely blue bed would be so warm and inviting.

4 (400x358)
In place of this cream vase a winter vase filled with branches with varying colors of purple and gold balls would be amazing as a Christmas vignette.

3 (510x600) 
All that is missing in this office would be a winter vase full of white poinsettias. Then this office would be all ready for Christmas!

6 (400x600)
So many of us have fallen in love with this wonderful bright green paint that is on this campaign chest. Just picture a lovely winter vase (what in the world is a winter vase?) that you made yourselves sitting on top of this with gold painted twigs inside and one little white feathered bird sitting on a twig.

8 (300x225)
In this modern room I think 3 varying heights of winter vases would look amazing sitting behind the sofa. You would not need to put anything inside as long as they were varying sizes and shapes. They would become sculptural.

I have tried to get you to use your imagination about adding a winter vase in each of these rooms. At the beginning of the post I told you that you can make one!! Here is what I am talking about!…….

2 (340x500) 

This vase cover was up-cycled from the sleeve of an old cable knit sweater sleeve. The use of the old sweater is clever and even I can cut off a sleeve of a sweater!!

3 (337x500)
Can’t you just see all of the above images of rooms with one of these fun cable knit vases for Christmas?! This was done by the talented blogger Courtney at:

Thoughtful designs blog

I love the idea and think it can be applied in many styles of homes. That is why I gave you a visual reference of rooms before seeing the vases.

Now go back and visualize a cable knit vase in each room. I think you will have fun!!

What a great way to up-cycle or repurpose!! I also think these could make a fun gift for someone!!

See what happens when we blog hop! I just love blogland at Christmas time.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Up-cycling and repurposing for a fun Winter/Christmas accessory!