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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fashion Post In The Works!

Recently I wrote a blog post about fashion, and I received several emails from readers thanking me, and wanting more fashion post. 

Fashion is my second love next to interior design so it is a natural process for me to do a fashion post once in awhile.

I don't know if you are like me, but I find very few fashion blogs that fit my age group, or my own personal fashion taste, or style. 

There are  some good bloggers out there that do fashion post, however   I find most of the fashion bloggers of a certain age not quite in sync with my own personal style. I continue to read some of them because we can always learn from each other.

There is one exception, and I am a tried and true fan of her blog which just happens to be named, Style At A Certain Age written by the beautiful and fashionable Beth Djalali

Probably the first thing on your mind is the same that was on mine when I first saw her and read a post. She is tall, slender, and has long legs!! Every single attribute that I do not have. I am short, sturdy, and short legged.

I want to make a very important point here!! Get to know your body and what shape of clothing you should wear. Then when you see a great outfit you can tweak it to fit your body type. We don't all have to look just like Beth in order to dress like her.(even though I wish I did.)

For instance the outfit above anyone could wear this outfit if they found the right size. The only thing I would have to change is the height of the heel, but I can wear a cute pair of brown leather sandals that fit my foot and needs.

We lessen our options by thinking we CAN'T wear, or afford certain things we see online. Use them as a guideline if you like it, and find pieces that WILL work for you. Be creative, have fun with your clothes.

Clothes are more than what we put on to cover our bodies, they are truly an expression of our personalities.

Personally I am what I call a grown up Preppy style with classic pieces as the back bone of my wardrobe. I like color added to my neutral base of blacks and whites.

I was thinking about how I have not been having fun with my clothes like I use too. I am retired and most days I am home in my comfy pants or shorts and a knit t-shirt, but when I do go out, I need to switch it up a little and have fun.

(all of the above colors will be found in my own personal wardrobe)
We all know what colors look good on us. If you don't, then think of what colors you get compliments on when you wear them. Wear colors that put a smile on your face, have fun with them!!!

( Pictured above are colors I know I can wear. Obviously I will wear yellow flats not heels. The mix of colors and patterns is just fun! I say go for it!)

One of the reasons I decided to write more post on fashion is I got a beautiful email from a reader thanking me for making her realize she is WORTH fixing up and dressing up. She is retired and had forgotten that and let herself go a bit. I could totally relate to this.

Years ago I saw an original What Not To Wear with Susanna and Trinny where they took three post menopausal women and did make overs. Omgoodness, I actually got big tears in my eyes when I saw their radiant smiles and faces after the makeovers. Changing their hair, makeup and clothing truly changed their demeanor.

(these makeovers are not from the show, but they are just as dramatic)

They stood up straighter and taller, wore radiant smiles and walked with a sense of purpose. 

Somewhere during and after menopause so many women give up and this saddens me greatly. 

There is nothing worse than feeling invisible. Society tends to try and make our age group invisible so it is up to us to make a statement, loud and clear that, "We are still here and we have a lot to say and do, so pay attention!


I have a heart for women and I love to see them be the best version of themselves that they can be. 

While I am out and about I often do mini makeovers in my head when I see a sad faced, slumped over lady walking while shopping. I hurt for her and would love to help her spruce up a bit, and be the best version of herself.

for more of these dramatic makeovers click on  link HERE!

This blog will always be a design blog because after all that is what I did as a career for over 30 years, but first and foremost I am a woman of a certain age, (soon to be 66.) 

 (most recent picture of myself)

 I want to always strive to be the best version of myself.  I have a saying...

I have a feeling that too many of us just figure once we are old we can, or should stop trying to be fashionable, or pretty ourselves up for yourself.

My own mother is such an inspiration to me. She gets ups everyday, showers, dresses, and puts on a little lipstick and blush, EVERY SINGLE DAY!! 

I might not do that every single day, but I will tell you this, it takes so little effort to put on lipstick and blush, and on the days I do that, I do feel better about myself.

So in the future I am going to do more fashion post, I will show what I like and even sometimes what I don't like and I promise I will always tell you why.I am not an expert nor will I ever claim to be. Go to Beth's blog,Style At A Certain Age, for expert advice, and come here if you like my style, and my philosophy on fashion.

I am a student of life, and a teacher at heart so I will be making some new discoveries along the way right along with you.

If there are any particular subjects that you would like me to address, please email me, or leave your request in the comments. 

Without the emails that I received I am not sure I would be brave enough to do more fashion post, so thank you to all the readers that let me know what they need and want!!

 BTW: All above images are styles that would represent my style and I would wear them.