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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Which one should I be thinking about?

I am finding myself so torn between planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I seem to be juggling them back and forth in my mind.

This morning I spent some time looking at Thanksgiving menu ideas, and then I found myself on-line searching for a particular element I plan on using in my Christmas d├ęcor this year. If that wasn’t enough I also was planning on how to wrap my Christmas presents!!  I also did some on-line shopping for gifts!  Oh My!!!

I must admit I do love when my mind is spinning with ideas. It is so rejuvenating! I do find that I have to leash my thoughts in a bit, and organize them. If I don’t I begin to feel overwhelmed instead of being able to, “ Enjoy the Process!”

Today is a great day to shop on-line and just think about the upcoming holidays. I need to finish this post so I can get back to my minds spinning activities!!!!

What is your mind full of today?
I hope you are…….

……..“Enjoying the Process!”

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My friend Yvonne from Stonegable blog calls this mind spinning process:
I definitely have been Holidated!!