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Friday, April 8, 2016

Our New Home's Backyard Has Been Started!

 We are so excited because  today our landscaper is beginning work on our backyard. We live in a community with an HOA so we have certain mandates that had to be met. 

Early on I reached out to my friend Debra Phillips from 5th and State blog who is a master gardener for help. She gave me some wonderful guidelines, advice and recommendations that are helping me in the process. I highly recommend her if you need some help, she is a wealth of information and a jewel of a person. I am so glad to have her as a blogging friend.

 Due to the logistics of maneuvering within the mandates of the HOA we had to hire a landscaper that was on site, which made it so much easier in the approval process.

Our landscaper drew up the plans for our yard after meeting with us . We were very specific with what we wanted and he followed through with a wonderful design plan. 

There was a bit of tweaking along the way, but in the end he nailed it and we are both more than satisfied with the plan.

Last week they stained and sealed our fence, we had two choices, a natural or a darker reddish stain, I bet you can guess which one I chose....


TODAY is the big day they are starting the process of preparing our backyard for the upcoming design. 

With all the wonderful rain we had this year, and I hope we get more, we have an abundance of weeds. They are out there doing the arduous job of getting rid of the weeds and digging trenches for the upcoming water lines for the sprinklers.

We are like two kids peering out the window waiting for Santa Claus. Watching progress is so fun especially when someone else is doing the hard work, if you know what I mean.

I will keep you all in the loop as progress happens. 

The images in this post of the beautifully done yards are images I have used to show what I would like. They all can be found on my pinterest page, HERE!

I actually created this board even before we ever moved. I am a girl who knows what she loves.

When Debra analyzed my likes and dislikes she nailed it and said if she did not know I was from California, she would have thought I was an East coast girl with what I chose.

It is going to be a task doing a garden like this in California, but we will come as close as we can to what we both like!! So excited!!!!

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