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Thursday, December 1, 2016


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house and I am loving it!!!

We have been falalaing around the house and adding our Christmas touches for this year.

If you all remember my color palette this year is navy, cobalt and green. Here is my inspiration board.....

So far we have the tree decorated and the mantel so I will share those with you today.

Our tree is full of memories and I call it our memory tree for that reason. The ornaments are always the same. I add different colored ribbons each year.

This years addition are navy and cobalt ribbons, and I actually used some of my plaid gift tags on the tree this year.

These tags tie in nicely with my plaid Christmas pillow...

The other pillows reside on my sofa.....

Some of the packages are wrapped, and waiting for the ribbons so they can go under the tree...

Next came the mantel, which at first I was not quite sure what I would do. I knew I needed to pull the colors over to the all white mantel.

We placed our greenery with lights, and then I stood back and took a look. 

I plan on using a wreath in the kitchen area that will have silver balls on it, so I knew I needed to add some silver to this area as well.

Ah Hah!! I remembered I had 3 mercury glass trees that I purchased years ago, so the hunt began to find which box they were in!! I found them and placed them on the mantel. It was just the right touch.

You know I love simple clean looks so with the new mirror and sconces I was not sure what would look right with the new elements. The trees were perfect!!

It still needed a little something more so in came the ribbon streamers for each side. I used the navy, cobalt and green, they looked warm and rich to my eye. I needed a little more silver so I added a single strand of beaded garland.

Next came the TV niche, since the mantel and TV are on the same wall it reads as one unit, so it has to go well together. I like to keep the TV area simple but have a color tie-in.

This year I chose to fill up my 3ft long nickel tray with all the different blues and greens that I am using with some sparkly ornaments.

It was all looking just like I wanted it to look, BUT it still needed one more element.

Now the picture was complete in my minds eye!!

The glow at night in this room is so comforting and soothing. I only wish I could capture it on film for you.

What's next?

YES this is happening again this year!!

You might remember it from last year. Our very first year in our new home, we had only been here for two months....

I will also be attempting to recreate this wreath. This is why I needed more silver in the great room to tie in with this wreath. It will be my own interpretation, wish me luck.....