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Friday, February 12, 2010


I have not done a Fancy Friday post for awhile and I was reminded by someone very special to me that they would really like to see another one.  I went to my Fancy File and found a few things to share, so here is a Fancy Friday post for my Fancy Friend.

This brings eating french fries to a whole new level.  I wonder if these would be non-fattening?

I am not a fast food eater; however, in this packaging I just might be tempted. If nothing else I would save the cute containers.

What can I say???

A  Fancy girl needs her ruffles and plumes (that is a fancy word for feathers)!

Sparkly always equals Fancy

One can never have enough Chanel, right? Chanel No.5 is my all-time favorite fragrance. If you would like to see a blog that is full of beautiful, fancy and lovely images, go here . You will see so much eye candy, it is truly a delightfully Fancy blog called, This is Galmorous. When I need a soothing glamorous fix this blog is where I go, her visions are so lovely.

How would you like to put this in........

........This! Yes, it is gold plated and only cost $10,000. So if you can afford this then you can afford Louis Vuittton garbage sacks. I told you this is a Fancy Friday!

Being Fancy can be Frivolously Fun!!

"Enjoy the Process" Of:  Adding some Fancy to your day!