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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Relaxed Blue Sunday!!

This past Sunday I had the best day with a friend. It was not a complicated girl's day. It was a simple relaxed time with a friend. We met up at Barnes and Noble. First we each got an iced Passion Tea with Lemonade and then we started perusing. First on the agenda was to find some summer reads for plane rides and trips to the beach. I found a few that will be fun girly reads. I went to the design section and pulled several books to look at and my friend went to the cook book section.
I skimmed quickly through about three books and then I came to one that took my breath away. It is not a new book but a book full of the most gorgeous pictures I have seen in a long time. I know beauty is subjective but I can not imagine anyone looking at this book and not ooohing and aaaahing.
ginger jars
I am talking about the book by Carolyne Roehm, “A Passion for Blue and White.” I guess if you don’t like the color blue you probably won’t enjoy this book. This girl however loves blue and white. In fact I use it a lot in my home for the summer months to cool the look of my home for the hot summer weather. You can see how I incorporate blue and white in this post showing my summer mantle.
As I turned each page I became more and more relaxed and almost felt like I was on a wonderful trip that was surrounding me with nothing but beauty. I think when a book can do that it is a reallllly good book. I have a few images from the book that caught my eye, well actually they all did, but you must see the book for yourself.
Simple Elegance at its best!
blue glass
Whenever a setting is done with multiples and with a tight color pallete it gives one the Wow Factor!!
This is symmetry done well. It looks inviting and pleasing to the eye, but not contrived.
I love blue and white porcelain pieces with pops of pink. This is one of my favorite combinations. I like to use this combination in my backyard pots and planters.
This is only a small amount of the blue beauty you will get when you read this wonderful book. This has inspired me to get out my blue and white pieces and revamp my home for summer. I love to be inspired by such beauty, don’t you?
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Absorbing the beauty in a great design book.