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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Word For The New Year!


peace in the midst
As others tend to celebrate with a party to bring in the new year, I tend to become a bit more pensive, and reflective.

In the beginning of each New Year I reflect on what word God would have me hold in my heart.

When I was decorating this year, I nonchalantly said, “I wonder what my word for this year will be?” 

Immediately the word PEACE came to mind. 

I actually sloughed it off as a sort of Type-o that God had made!

With each passing day the word PEACE continued to come to me. 

This felt somewhat of an odd word to me since I had no thought, or feeling about this particular word. It was a word that I associated with conflict between people and nations. 

I am not having any conflict with anyone, that I know of, so how would I apply the word PEACE in this upcoming New Year?

peace vs worry

The reality was, it was not that kind of PEACE I was to think about, it was the inner peace that comes with giving it ALL to God.

Yes, it boiled back to the Control issue!! You all know what I am talking about. If you are a human being you have probably had some control issues in your life.

True PEACE can only come from God, and I know this in my heart, it is my mind that I struggle with. 

peace passeth all understanding
It is a way of thinking, and living that PEACE will come to us.

Personally I am just like any other person, and I struggle with wanting to control, and fix what I deem as a problem in my life.

 I am learning it is NOT mine to fix, but it is mine to learn from, and God will fix it once I learn the lesson I am suppose to learn.

worry vs peace
Since the true meaning of PEACE in my life has not been at the forefront of my mind in the past, I guess this year it will be. 

I think I am going to learn some very important lessons along the way.

I copied a few quotes about PEACE that really spoke to me that I would like to share with you all……

peace and ego
I need to change the way I think and process!

peace and the mind
My soul is where God resides. I must go there instead of into my own mind.

I think this year is going to be a retraining of my mind!

peace in God
Fear will always rob me of PEACE!

prayer peace
A beautiful prayer that I need to say during those moments of despair, and fear.

My prayer for YOU, my dear readers, as well as for myself……

peace 1