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Saturday, November 1, 2014

In The Process Of Designing My Thanksgiving Table

We say goodbye to October and hello to November today!!

In my mind it is now officially the Holiday season. This is my favorite time of year. 

Family, and creativity all wrapped up in the next two months.

I have already been planning what I will do this year for my Thanksgiving table, and for Christmas. Every year I tweak things just a bit but, my base is always steeped in tradition.

Pinterest is just full of ideas that we can all be inspired by.

When I begin to think of d├ęcor for a holiday, or special occasion often times it will start with colors. 

Sometimes it will also go towards a certain theme. I will see an image and it will get my creative juices flowing.

I have to be honest, and tell you that this years table came as a left over element that I am planning on using for Christmas this year.(More on that later)

It all involves BIRCH!!

My jumping off point turned out to be this particular image that I pinned quite awhile ago……

This is obviously a VERY large arrangement made for a wedding. I love this concept, and will do my own take on it.

The next question  that came to mind was what colors will I choose that are cheerful, but still have the look of autumn.

That is where this next image gave me my cue for colors…….

Beautiful whites, soft beige's to browns, greens light and dark and wonderful yellowy gold.

Nature is always a perfect place to go to when trying to get inspiration. It will always offer up beautiful colors and textures.

Next, the elements. This is the fun part. I starting saving different images that I like to see what puzzle pieces will come together. 

good tip:
When selecting my elements, I try not to use more than 3 main elements, otherwise it just gets too crazy. 

If we use too many elements our final outcome can look somewhat like a mad scientist experiment.

Let me show you just a few of the images that spoke to me….

Notice the birch bark placemat! Great texture and the soft beige to brown colors.

This image inspires the use of textures. this introduces the use of rough twine and nuts.

Good colors, and textures! Interesting???? Feathers, sage, cloves, Hmmmm? Let me do more thinking!!!

Wonderful colors and textures. Birch, roses, lanterns?

Good color, and textures. soft beiges to browns, a touch of greenery. Rosemary?

Easy to do napkin rings. If I did these they would not have a bow like this, maybe just a knot for me.

Rough twine, good color. Sage? Good color and texture.

Hmmmm? I am starting to see my puzzle come together, are you?

Things to Remember:
  • I found my inspiration image
  • From that image, I found color. and texture.
  • Next I found a color inspiration and it helped me decide on, white, beige-brown , greens and yellowy golds.
  • Started putting images together, and dissecting color, and texture from them.
So far the elements are:
  • White birch
  • Rough twine
  • Yellowy gold flowers
  • Soft green in sage or rosemary
  • Feathers
  • nuts
  • Lanterns
As you can see I have too many elements going on.

Even though they all look great together, using them all would be way too busy so I need to narrow it down.

Stay tuned for more post on what I decide to do by Thanksgiving day!!!