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Thursday, October 14, 2010

"I See Dead Corners!"

Remember the movie where the little boy says, "I see dead people"? Well when I walk into a room sometimes I see Dead Corners.

Have you ever walked into a room and it just feels sort of dead and drab? Do you think to yourself this room needs some life? Look in the corners! Is there a lonely chair or table, does it look a little dead? Corners need life.

 If you are limited on windows in your room the corners can recieve life by LIGHT and PLANTS or both. In dead corners I try to put somethng with life in it a light or a plant.
 I like to use up lights in corners not just behind my plants, which by the way make wonderful shadows on the wall and ceiling, but I will even put them behind the chair that is sitting in the corner,or a large armoire.

 We all know that a floor lamp works great or a hanging light but don't forget the power of a simple little uplight. A reader of mine, Jeanette, has up lights in her home and she has forgotten to turn them on from time to time so she is going to put them on timers, great suggestion, Jeanette. So in your corners add Plants and Light and pair them together.

 Uplights can be purchased at places like Lamps Plus  for $14.99. Although they are not decorative or very pretty to look at keep in mind the lamp itself will be hiding behind a piece of furniture or a plant but the light that will be coming from them will illuminate and cast lovely shadows in the drab, dead corner.

First I must say, I am not a fan of the design in this room, personally way to much going on for my taste. But look at the use of the uplights. I am showing you this picture so you can see the wonderful shadows that are cast on the wall and ceiling by placing uplights behind the plants.

This room is decorated simply and notice the plants in each corner. But, I see Dead Corners! Just imagine how this room and its corners would come to life if there were uplights behind the two plants.

Here are two lonely plants in a very dark room but they come alive with light and shadows from the simple use of uplights

Here is a  beautiful room with black walls which could appear dark and drab but with the use of lighting it is bright and cheerful and inviting. The one corner to the left the owner put an up light on the book shelf behind the wing chair and it yet agains brings life to a dead corner.

Are you starting to see the light? So go and look at the corners of your rooms could they use a plant or an uplight to give your room more light?

"Enjoy The Process" Of:

  Adding life to the corners of your rooms with Uplights