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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Of The Week!!


Since this was the very first week Of 2013 I thought I would start keeping track on what my followers on Pinterest were pinning the most off of my boards.

Starting last Saturday it appears we needed some inspiration with this pin……

Time to start eating healthier……..

Weight Watchers Santa Fe Salad with Chili lime dressing.
After eating lots of the above salad and losing lots of weight we are now ready to dress more fashionable….

Back to eating healthy with good snacks so we can keep the weight of and continue dressing more fashionably.

Still concerned about our eating habits we need more recipes to add to our repertoire……..

Asparagus, cranberries, feta and pine nut salad. All I have to say is YUM!!!

By Thursday it looks like we are ready to make some changes in our homes by adding a little more blue and white………

It is that time of year!! Time to get organized!! I actually wasn’t going to pin this pin. I showed it to my hubby because he wants to do this in our garage. He asked me to pin it. Way to go Hubby, High Five!!!……….

Now for a drum roll please!……….

Out of all of the above pins the one with the most repins  on my Healthy Food/Healthy Living board is…

…..with 30 Re-PINS

I don’t know about you all, but I find it interesting to see what the masses re-pin.

I just reached 10,000 followers on my Pin boards so I guess this will be a pretty good cross-section of people. Now if I only had that many reading my blog daily, hmmmmm?!!!

Which one of these Pins would you have repinned?