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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What is a "Spring-Fling"? You may ask. Well, a Spring-Fling is a special shopping day with a very special friend in the Spring. This is not just an ordinary shopping day.  We start with breakfast and we end with dinner.  We shop, talk, eat, talk, shop ,talk and talk. I think you are starting to get the picture. We like to take a day to spruce up our make-up and wardrobe for Spring. Sometimes we buy a lot and sometimes we buy just a few things but there is always lots of fun to be had. We also like to take a day in the Fall that we call a "Fall-Fall-out!! Our Spring shopping trip is going to consist of looking for that yellow purse I have been looking for, maybe some cute shoes and there is always a new lipstick or lipgloss involved. Do you take a special day with a dear friend to do this kind of day? I would love to hear about it.

Cashon and Co. had a great list of products she likes to use so I am going to check out a couple of those at Sephora. It is always fun for me to find new tried and true products. Make-up, especially lip-sticks and glosses are truly an addiction of mine. I like to call it my un-guilty pleasure. I thought it might be fun to list some of my must-haves. I know I really enjoy hearing what others like to use. Here are a few of my Go-To's

I will start at the top with Hair: I use Clairol Herbal Essence for color treated hair or Pureology from time to time. They say it is good to change your hair products from time to time. Pureology has an amazing fragrance. I am all about how products smell. I get more body with the Herbal Essence. I have very fine hair.

I don't use a conditioner because it weighs my hair down, but I do use a leave-in product that really works for me. Joico  Integrity leave-in  conditioner is really light and does the trick. For a little extra shine and, I might add, a really yummy fragrance. I swear by Rusk shining

This is a product I use about once a month to give myself a hot-oil treatment. It has to be heated because it is a natural oil and when it cools it will solidfy.  The fragrance is so amazing and even if it did not make your hair soft, shiney and silky it would be worth using just for the fragrance.  I highly reccomend this product.

I love Neutrogena products and have been a faithful user for years. Their body emulsion is a wonderful body lotion and the fragrance is wonderful. You could truly not even have to use a perfume with this product. When my skin is extra dry, I like Eucerin. It is pretty thick and heavy, but for elbows and heels it is a miracle worker. You will always find Neutrogena hand cream in my purse. It has the same wonderful fragrance. The other Nuetrogena products have a different fragrance, so when I find either one of these products I buy at least four bottles. They also make a fragrance free.
This is my Go-to cream. I have used many others but I always wind up back with this product.  However it is not without a guilt trip because it is quite expensive. What I love about it is that I can use it as an eye cream and as a night cream. I have a very sensetive eye area and this does not bother my eyes at all. When I use this cream it feels like I gave my skin a cool drink of water. It is so hydrating and leaves my skin very soft and suple. I will warn you, don't even try it if you think it is too expensive because it is addictive. I have spent so much money on trying to find other products but this one never fails me.

I am a long time Chanel user. I have used the perfume for years. If you want a really special treat, try their body velvet cream. It is this amazing emolient soft pink velvety cream that is heavenly. I highly recommend this. I like this fragrance in the winter or for evening.

This is Enigma by Alexander De Markoff. The only place I have seen it is in Saks 5th Ave. You can find it on line but I have not seen it in any other stores. I will warn you that it smells strong in the bottle, but it drys down to this wonderfully clean, powdery scent. It is kind of known among my friends as my signature scent. When I wear this I am always asked, "What do you have on?" You smell delicious. I think we all want to hear that one.  I have read that if you are constantly asked what are you wearing then chances are this is your signature fragrance. Since this is a bit heavier, I wear it in the winter months.
This is my summer fragrance by Philosophy.  This is another one that I am asked about. I love this for the summer, winter, spring or fall. It is just a wonderfullly clean smelling fragrance.

Well there you have it. All of my fluffing and puffing items as I like to call them. I recently had some surgery done and hubby had to get all my lotions and potions together after bathing and he said," I had no idea you used all this stuff." I then gently reminded him it took work to have soft skin and to smell nice for him. He grinned a sweet grin at me and I could tell he appreciated the efforts.

I will share some of my make-up have-to's on another post. This one is getting a bit lengthy. I hope it is a fun read for you all. I know I love to know what other ladies are using. Please share some  of your favorites with me. I always like to try something new.

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Puffing and Fluffing