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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Want-To’s Are Back!!

When the sun comes out the Want-To’s come back!!! Yea!! Oh the promise that Spring brings is amazing to me.

I live in California and as you have probably heard on the news we had an unusual amount of rain the last couple of weeks.

I must admit I was having a hard time wanting to do anything. Now we are having glorious sunny days with temps in the 80s and my Want-To’s are back!!

The only problem with my Want-To’s is my mind spins from one idea to another. Do you do that? I just get so excited about the promise of Spring and all of the beauty it unfolds. I want-to do this, I want-to do that!

I need to organize my brain and my closets!!  When I look outside I see so many areas that need to be cleaned up and fluffed up. I can hardly contain myself from wanting to go and buy all the pretty pink and white flowers my heart desires, but I need to clean out before I bring in any new blooms.

Shall we go down a nice cool garden path into some images that are inspiring me to go to my local nursery and buy a new bunch of Spring blooms for my yard…………

5 (400x400)

The use of cool colors of purples, blues and whites give this area such a wonderfully cool feeling. If they had used reds and yellows it would be cheerful but it would also have a warmer feel.

untitled (554x498)
In my own backyard I chose to use cooler colors by painting the back of my home a cool green and accenting it with cobalt blue. The front of my home is yellow so it is a bit unusual for most, but you can not see the front from the back.  I needed coolness in the back because our summers are so warm here in California.

 finished porch 006 (800x585)

front porch for fall 035 (800x600)
I use pinks and whites with pops of blue in the front of my home. It keeps the entrance welcoming to visitors.

front porch for fall 034 (800x600)

Backyard bubbler 010 (598x800) 

Backyard bubbler 012 (600x800)
To keep it cool in the back I use greens and blues and my plantings are touches of pink with lots of white. I love pink with cobalt.

4 (266x400) 
By choosing the right plantings for your yard you can create any atmosphere that you like. I can hardly wait to go visit the nursery to get my Spring flowers.

2 (554x413) 

What colors do you put in your yard to create the atmosphere you like?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Creating a welcoming yard to enjoy  all spring and summer long.