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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes We Just Need To Simplify

I am just like the rest of the bloggers in blog land. I go all over the web looking for inspirational images. In the last few days something came to my attention.

I began to notice that it was the simple designs, the uncomplicated designs that were so appealing.
I think that sometimes we complicate our design minds with too many details and it becomes a room of, “Stuff,” rather than a beautifully appointed room.

The word, “Edit” comes to my mind. Sometimes that can be so difficult to do. Especially if you are a more is more gal. I personally live in pretty edited spaces, but I do think my mind can get cluttered with the details.

I found when I was perusing the web and finding these beautiful, simple spaces and vignette it gave me a sense of peace.  I know we all want some of that in our lives, don’t we?
Let me show you some of the spaces that gave me the sense of peace and see what you think and feel when you look at them…….

Source: None via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Room by Suzanne Kessler

So do you feel relaxed and more at peace, after looking at all of these
images? I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of them again.

In the future I am going to be more mindful of just how many items 
I put into a space and vignettes. I am really liking the feeling I get 
from all the above images.

"Enjoy the Process!" Of:

Simplifying our homes to make a more restful surrounding.