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Monday, February 6, 2017

How To Add A New Color To Your Room!


Even though we are definitely having winter weather in California my heart is looking forward to Spring time. 

Not that I am wishing time away, I just like to daydream about Spring. It is my favorite time of year.

What is dancing around in my head is how to add a touch of pink to my home for Spring. I have tried this before and had some plans, but we moved so all of that went on the back burner.

Since I only want to add a touch of pink and not over do it because it can make a room look too cute or sweet at times.

I went to pinterest to see what rooms I liked that had some pink in them that would go along with my design aesthetic.

In my looking I kept running across rooms by Studio McGee. 

I was fascinated by how talented Shea McGee is. She is young and her designs are current and fresh. 

I spent a great deal of time studying her rooms and how she uses color, texture, and the mixing of contemporary with more traditional or vintage pieces. 

Her use of pink was spot on, just the right amount and not over done. 

If you happen to find a designer that you seem to resonate with,  study the rooms that they do. Look at all of the aspects of the room. We can all learn at any age if we keep our minds and eyes open!

In some of her designs there might literally be only one, or two spots of pink in the room and it is just enough...

A little bit of pink can go a long way in a room.

When changing or adding a color accent to a room. I usually try to spot it in 2-3 places. I feel like there needs to be at least two spots of a color accent to make sense in my own home. 

 Blue and White at Botticelli House:

For instance I could literally use ONE pillow and a pink flower in a vase on my end table and the room would read black , blue and white with pink!!

I like to switch up the less expensive pieces in a room when adding new accents. Usually that will be a pillow, flowers and maybe a book or an decorative element in the room.

When deciding on adding a new punch of color in a room look around at your existing room and see where the color spots are right now and think of an element in a new color that could be added there.

For me it would be in my pillows and flowers and possibly an inexpensive piece of art or a book. In your home it will be different areas and colors than mine, so keep that in mind when I show you what I would change out.

Let me show my room in two different seasons and you will see some of the changes I made and how......



You can see that I added Kelly green to the mix for Spring. Notice the small green pillar? I can add a different pot with a pink blooming plant for an addition of pink. My pillows will change on the chair and the sofa with an addition of pink as well.

I can add a pink bloom to my vase on the end table.

Maybe a stack of pink bound books or magazine covers sitting on my basket that sits beside our chair.

You can see by switching out a few elements my room can change it's look, and still keep the feeling that I love my home to evoke.

Look around at your own rooms and pick 3 places that you have used one of your accent colors and think about what new color you can bring into the room.

In my next post I will share some of the pink elements I am contemplating!!

For more pink rooms and elements that I like go to my PINK pinterest board HERE!!

Enjoy the Process of:
Letting your creativity take you towards a new, fresh color scheme for Spring!!