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Friday, May 18, 2012

SIX Steps To A Tidy Home



Do you ever feel as if you need to be more than one person to keep your house nice and tidy?

I have found if I do just six things each morning it helps my home appear tidy, and fresh through out the week.


Each of these steps literally takes just a few minutes when done daily…………


1. Go around the house and pick up any items that
    don’t belong in the room they were left in, and put
    them away.


2. After doing morning dishes I clean my sink with
    cleanser, finish off the sink, and counters with a     
    spritz of a nice smelling cleaner. Dry off with a
    towel to make shiny.

3. Add a fresh dish rag, and dish towel every day.
        Make sure to  put the wet towel, and cloth on the
    side of the laundry basket to dry.


4. Clean out bathroom sink, and counter tops with
   some type of disinfectant cleaner. Dry sink, and
   faucet to make shiny.

(A little trick is to use a spritz of window cleaner  to make it look sparkling clean. While you are at it, do the mirror too!)

5. Check to see that you have  extra toilet paper
    under the sink, and add accordingly.


6. When making my bed I spray my linens with linen

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On some days I just pull the sheets back so the bed will air.

I do these six things every day! It really, and truly helps make my house look tidy.

Do you have anything I could add to my list that you do in your own home?

“Enjoy The Process!” Of:

Keeping a routine to help you make your home look fresh and tidy.